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British archaeologists have found a unique treasure

Британские археологи нашли уникальный кладArchaeologists have found Britain a unique treasure, which is more than two thousand years

“Work on the Glenfield Park is a very important archaeological site, with a fantastic set of finds,” – said the Director of the excavations John Thomas.

Archaeologists have unearthed a unique collection of metal products in the British County of Leicestershire.

The age of the finds is estimated by the time of the iron age, that is, they were created about 2,300 years ago.

During excavations in the region of Glenfield Park archaeologists discovered, among other things, extremely rare, ornate pots, a pin for a dress, an iron brooch and a sword. The findings allow us to trace the development of the settlement for many generations, from modest huts to luxurious jewelry.

“Work on the Glenfield Park is a very important archaeological site, with a fantastic set of finds, which allow you to call this place one of the most important discoveries of recent years. The quantity and quality of finds overshadows most of the other modern discoveries in the region”, – said Director of excavations John Thomas from Leicester University.

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Scientists discovered that the settlement at this place was located on the square from 4 to 12 hectares over several centuries. Early settlement was founded around the fifth century BC, but radiocarbon Dating of the artifacts shows that around the third century BC the life of the village has changed – it has expanded, it has become more expensive for the time items.

The most important of his discoveries, archaeologists are called boilers, which are most likely used for ritual purposes. Boilers vary in size, and was made of separate parts, with iron rings and handles, as well as bowls made from copper alloys. Apparently, the boilers were specifically “buried” in the ground to mark the cessation of activities in the area.

“Because of their large capacity it is believed that such boilers were reserved for special occasions and was a kind of important social facilities are located in the center of major holidays, perhaps in connection with the meetings of the tribes. The importance of boiler as symbolic objects is reflected in their frequent appearance in early medieval Irish and Welsh literature,” explained John Thomas.

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