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Britain resumes search for missing 10 years ago girls

Британия возобновляет поиск пропавшей 10 лет назад девочкиBritain will be looking for a girl who disappeared 10 years ago4

The Ministry of internal Affairs of great Britain will continue the investigation of the missing in Portugal in 2007, a three-year British women Madeleine McCain. For this, an additional $ 103 thousand dollars.

“The investigation is ongoing. We are not ready to discuss investigative actions until their completion,” – said in Scotland Yard. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

According to the newspaper the Sunday Express, the investigators want to question a man who, according to them, was near the scene during the abduction of Madeleine, and then also disappeared.

Three year old Madeleine McCain vanished the evening of may 3 2007 in the Portuguese town of Praia da Luz. According to the girl’s parents, they left the baby to sleep in a cottage, which they rented, and went to the restaurant, and when he returned home, Madeleine was no longer there. Eyewitnesses said that saw a man carrying a child in pajamas in the sea.

During the investigation, suspected and parents, but later, the police denied the rumors that the parents could be involved in the disappearance of a child.

In Portugal, this case was closed in summer 2008 due to lack of evidence. After closing the case the parents of Madeleine said they will not stop their own investigation.

In 2011, Scotland Yard launched an investigation called “Operation Grange” inquiry Theresa may. Then she was the Minister of the interior. The investigative group consisted of 28 detectives who focused on the version of the abduction of Madeleine stranger.

In 2012, British police made a statement that there is reason to believe that Madeleine is alive. At the same time distributed the image of the girl with regard to possible age-related changes.

In November 2013 Britain managed to convince him to reopen the investigation by Portuguese police. Later, investigators from the two countries joined forces.

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