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Brilliant posters “Halloween” of 1978 in honor of the 40th anniversary

The company is Mondo releasing a new art poster original slasher “Halloween” Director John carpenter.

And despite the fact that the poster is new, it should look familiar, because it depicts one of the most famous scenes in the film, and most importantly, in 2015, the company has already submitted a similar poster, only on it we saw what is happening through the eyes of Laurie Strode hiding in a closet, while the fresh art invites us to put on the mask of Michael Myers, who breaks inside.

The author of both posters , Jason Edmiston admits that the new work is a kind of spiritual art receiver 2015. Only there attacked Myers, and now Lori, as we know from the film, has strayed from the villain of the hanger and picked up his knife, ready to defend himself with all his strength.

Presentation poster live will be held this weekend at the event entitled Halloween: 40 Years of Terrorwhich will unfold in Pasadena, California. In the future fans will be able to buy a copy of a limited edition for 50 bucks.

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