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Bright gameplay video game “Far Cry 5” Montana is calling you!

In the new part of hurricane shooter from Ubisoft, players will be faced with the militant sects of the community “Gates of Eden”, headed by the prophet Joseph led. The action of “Far Cry 5” is Sunny, Montana, and the protagonist is a Sheriff’s Deputy, firmly intending to relieve the County from the cultists. In addition to a desperate firefights with enemies, the player can do and more enjoyable things – for example, go fishing or take a ride on the steep truck. The more that the company will be domesticated wild animals (a similar feature can be seen in the last part of the series, “Far Cry Primal”), among which stands out a faithful dog Boomer.

All that and some more shown in the extended gameplay video with commentary from producer Philippe Fournier and screenwriter Marie Cndlwho have a story to tell about painstakingly created them from the outside world. Fortunately, a variety of seething malcontents, manifested itself in the early stages of an advertising campaign, and has not been developed, so the game is still scheduled for February 27, 2018. And on a seed – some amazingly beautiful screenshots.

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