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Bridge grab crane

Мостовой грейферный кранOverhead grab cranes – special device, equipped with special devices for gripping and holding of cargo. Easily perform work, unavailable standard bridge installations with a hook. Grab cranes are successfully used indoors and outdoors.


Depending on the type of drive bridge grab crane is the cable or the drive. The cable car vehicles are equipped with winches with electric drive. Winch mounted on a truck having a specially designed structure. Moving a crane of nodes is done with the help of ropes.

The drive units operate from an electric or hydraulic devices.

Design bridge grab crane

The design of the crane is the same as the device of the lifting machinery of General purpose. The difference is in the scheme of lifting devices and trucks. On the cart is an additional cable drum, which is designed to control a working unit. Such a solution is found for magnetic installations. Cable drum has a drive operating mechanism. This ensures the equality of the speeds of winding and unwinding of the cables and electrical wiring. In the mechanical grabs used truck with dual drum mechanism. One part is responsible for lowering and lifting, the second — for the opening and closing of the bucket.

Key features clamshell machines

Bridge grab crane is characterized by such parameters:

  • capacity;
  • the allowable density of transported cargo;
  • the working capacity of the bucket;
  • the direction of opening of the bucket;
  • the conditions of operation (both inside and in the open area);
  • the speed of the bucket;
  • the temperature of the medium at the height of the layout;
  • type of control (from the remote, from the cockpit, combined);
  • the type of actuator.

Basic technical characteristics of the crane have the following values:

  • lift height — 24 m;
  • lift speed 48 m/min;
  • the speed of movement of the crane — 96 m/min;
  • the speed of movement of the gripper 48 m/min.

Мостовой грейферный кран

Where to buy bridge grab crane?

Plant “Krankomplekt” produces lifting equipment for over 10 years. Here you can buy cranes grab capacity from 3.3 to 30 tons https://krankomplekt.com/grcran/kran_mostovoy_greyferniy/. Machines are designed for heavy operation modes A7 and A8. The control is effected by remote control or from the cab. You can buy as a standard machine configuration, and setup with individual parameters set by the customer.

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