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Brian De Palma will shoot a horror movie about Harvey Weinstein?

News at first glance seems like a figment of a sick imagination, but it is only at first glance. It is actually pretty serious and very interesting.

Let’s start with the fact that the horror genre both friend not strangers. Weinstein and his brother Bob started as producers of horror films and even more participated in writing the script of a slasher “the Burning” 1981 release. Career De Palma, too, began to of a genre film: “Sisters” (1973), “Razor” (1980) and, of course, “Carrie” (1976) based on the novel by you-know-who.

Thus, for the venerable Director, the project could be a return to basics. Resource Indiewire reports that De Palma wrote the script for the new horror movie. And Yes, inspired him to write this script, the story Harvey Weinstein – the same thundering scandal of sexual harassment, the consequences of which are still beaten by the disgraced Hollywood producer. Recently, Weinstein once again retroactively accused of rape – however, attorney Harvey argues that the “victim” then had a relationship with Harvey for over ten years…

In any case, De Palma only repelled by this story, and not trying in some way any plausible recount. As I write, Weinstein will not be a character in this film.

I write about this scandal, the project I was discussing with a French producer. My character name is “Harvey Weinstein”, but it will be a horror movie about the sexual aggressor, and the events of the film unfold in the world of the film industry.

Sounds, might be closer to some kind of erotic Thriller, but who knows that in the end, De Palma will. What do you think, is it too soon to make a movie “in the footsteps” of such a huge scandal?

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