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Brezhnev, the BAM and the young Communist League

Брежнев, БАМ и ВЛКСМ


Брежнев, БАМ и ВЛКСМ




It would be interesting to know what people are doing today, these Komsomol ablity. Imagine how they were selected of the most selected Komsomol bastards to frame to trade e*Alami himself One hundred percent unable to say.

In August 1991, they rushed to help the emergency Committee to save the Soviet Union. And in October 1993, hardly rushed to the defense of the remnants of Soviet power.

Most likely in the early 90’s opened firms, bought, sold, dreamed to become a millionaire. Maybe someone even pulls. And now the whole Internet fucked up their whining about how they want to return to the USSR, and how they dreamed about space. Live today as in the Soviet Union lived even zavbazoy and Director of grocery stores.

I had one friend about this caliber. In the late 80s – early 90s, were engaged in that helped derbanit state farm land (there are all sorts of complex patterns with a mortgage-rehypothecation) in exchange for the construction of “houses for rural workers”, which, of course, was never built. In the ‘ 90s, engaged in all kinds of trading intermediary cases (in this case lied to everyone that he’s a badass thug). Now sitting on the beans in a nice apartment, remaining from those times, all the patient. But in the Internet it is one of the main patriots, the Stalinists and lovers of the Soviet Union. To my direct question just what it was in 1991 or 1993 did not protect Soviet values, he replied: “what’s the point?” Considers himself a man of principle and States that communism is the best form of government, and state farm land it became a bother because “everything is rotten, and the people were shit.”

And how many wandering across the expanses of the Internet do not count. And all are grateful to Lene, because that’s when they become such as steel.

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