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Brevity – the sister of talent. 10 five-second horror films

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Legend has it that one day Ernest Hemingway was at a bar with his friends, and in order to pass the time, got into a fight with them, bet that will be able to make a full story using only six words. Friends took the bet – everyone sitting at the table, put on the lid for ten dollars, after which Hemingway said: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn” (For sale: baby shoes, nanoszenia), and calmly took the money.

It is unknown if this example were guided by the creators of the youtube channel, 5secondfilms, but the results speak for themselves – ten years of existence, the channel was removed more than six hundred super-short original stories, among which there are masterpieces, and Frank prohodnyak. However the concept of the five-second video is unchanged and looks like this:

You will spend not so much time. We do a five-second movies. The rules are simple: 2 seconds on the opening credits, 5-second film, 1 second on the final credits. If you are somehow hurt by the fact that the real length of the video is 8 seconds instead of 5, we can only sadly assume that you don’t like to have fun during lunch break.

Surely, among this vast sea of creativity was a place for horror, which in itself is a great reason to do in a “Zone of horror”, a thematic compilation of the best works. In fact, here it is. Sit back, slide closer to tea and biscuits and turn the page.

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