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Breathtaking trailer for a new sci-Fi project of Neil Blomkamp

Sorry, never healed from Director Neill Blomkamp with a new part “Alien” – the first project was abandoned on the shelf, and the Ridley Scott questioned a possible resumption of work. But Neal was not discouraged, and hard at work on a series of short films entitled “Oats: Volume 1”.

First trailer for the project suggests that we are waiting for a hurricane mixture of “Alien” and “District 9.” In addition, the series is entered and the icon of “Alien” Sigourney weaver – again in the role of brave women soldiers. And special effects for independent productions look very impressive – at least on the design of this alien reptile, the frame of which shared styling project Studio Studios Oats.

— Oats Studios (@oatsstudios) may 24, 2017

Over time, Blomkamp wants to expand the idea of “Oats” to feature films, which is quite a normal move in the cinema, the so-called “proof idea”. Synopsis and release date are still unknown, but confirmed that the films will be distributed on YouTube and through the Steam service, and it is expected that the first wave will be free to view.

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