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“Breath of earth” for the first time managed to capture on video

"Дыхание земли" впервые удалось снять на видео Video recorded in the canadian woods.

Amazing phenomenon caught the inhabitant of canadian municipalities the Sacre-Coeur, which is located in the province of Quebec. The man, whose name was not specified, went to the forest, where he found a Gale. Suddenly due to strong gusts of air began to rise and fall, as if “breathing” in tact.

The hero of the story quickly took out his phone and started recording the events on video. Earlier the man never seen anything like it, he already caught the spirit. The recording is already available on YouTube.

Netizens suggested that the soil was raised by tree roots, which loosely sitting in it. Talking about skeptics, while other people think about the amazing things. Maybe land is really “breathe” like a living creature? To assume it is possible, if you remember the theory that our planet is a highly developed mind, capable of doing incredible things.

People, according to the theory of some experts, not smart enough to understand certain basic things that occur every day and which cannot, it would seem, to explain.

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