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Bream perch instead

As well, when the ice fishing season begins in November! And especially nice when the ice is opaque. And transparent good fish is not very sexually, she is afraid of the Fisher. There are, of course, fishing craft and in such a case, but it is much better when is possible without tricks.

The first trip, as usual, on small bodies of water. Success, as usual, AC. The weather is unstable, and in the small ponds the fish are particularly sensitive to it. It is empty, then thickly, but still nothing outstanding. Nothing, the average temperature is below zero, soon our opportunities will expand.

And here we are on the ice Pyalovskie reservoir. Today we are going to catch perch. Left, in Nikulskoe Bay, not going there. There is information that there are only small perch. And summer was only small, we ourselves checked. Therefore, go right to the exit of the Bay.

A quick check of the “former glory” caught a single perch. In principle, we could stay, expand the search area and introduce them carefully. But I want to check the opposite Bank of the reservoir. For several years (but not in the past, unfortunately, year) in December, there was caught a good perch.

In 20 minutes we’re there. Depth of approximately 5 m. Victor works as a rocker, I’m a jig. Of course, the balancer is easier to penetrate the water column (which is necessary), but the variety of lures is very desirable when the collective search. In addition, I have attached an experimental jig – black “ant” with a large black bead. In Rybinsk, for example, reservoir I and bright beads missing, but Moody suburban fish requires a special approach. It can be looking for.

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A dozen holes, a dozen… That’s the whole target area is passed. Viti was bite, it lingers, and I move at 300 meters, to the Cape. There blesnet perch two elderly fishermen around to see, masters. Say, a few Humpbacks were able to take, but no bites. Okay, go back along the former border of ice and clean water, swirlys every 15-20 meters.

Much hope of a result there, but ideas too. Try to get persistence, you should never give up. And finally, a confident bite! Strike, slowly vyvazhivaete. Think bass, but the hole shows plump bream. That’s a surprise. Not even remove it from the hook, cast the rod aside and pulled out a box the other, with the “devil” of medium size. No time to lose.

Multiple transactions, and confident bite in the feet from the bottom. This bream bigger, surely a pound. Call Vito, he asked to call back if still get caught. More takes no. Drill another hole, with no bite. Drill another on the other side, and only now wonder if I have the right bait. For catching large suburban perch and roach it is ideal for small bream, and white bream, I honestly don’t know. Never purposefully are not caught white bream, it is always bycatch.

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For maximum lift, almost five feet from the bottom, the bite – and another bream. Call Vita and still unwound one rod: medium black “ant” with a big yellow bead. No bites. And “hell” there is no bites. Fits Victor, drill the hole and almost immediately begins fighting with big fish. Alas, the gathering. Bream are so big? Hard to say… Rather, perhaps, perch, accompanying a flock of white bream.

In General, everything. More takes were not, although we honestly struggled remaining until the dark hours. Judging by the catch – so so fishing. I have 3 tail weighing about 1.5 kg, Viti dozen perch even less total weight. Nevertheless, the fishing succeeded, gave to the full range of emotions and put a serious question: what to catch white bream?

As for the theory, no problems. Archive I have a full cataloged. A week refresh in memory all that has been written about winter white bream fishing in our periodicals. Practice harder, schooling big silver bream is rare. For me, anyway. This time I caught her “like roaches”. Very sorry that I didn’t try to catch a “bream”. But the finished rods was not, and to waste time on its equipment is not wanted. More such errors are not repeated.

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