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Breaking down the wall of estrangement between a man and a woman on a first date

The wall of estrangement between a man and a woman is not the most pleasant thing that should be between them. It is therefore very important in a short time to destroy it. Otherwise, the raging feelings would never penetrate her.

First of all, it is still necessary to accept a man for what he really is. And not a word about his bad qualities! Save it for later. In the first meeting, it is important to focus as much as possible on the positive qualities of men. And on the basis of this move on slavic woman

Do not be indifferent to a man on the first date, even if he is extremely unpleasant to you. Have patience at least to listen to the man. That way you’ll be of some use.”

Especially it is not necessary to humiliate the person in any way, in every possible way to offend. About and without. Keep the beat. He’s never hurt anyone. At least it’s ugly. In addition, this behavior only underscores your low education. Should they swing right and left? Shame on you!

Don’t try to hide his admiration to the women (including the personal qualities, thoughts, actions). But it must be done sincerely. Or not at all. Since men can smell flattery a mile away. And they will want to get rid of communication with you as soon as possible ukrainian girls.

And no criticism of others! Otherwise, the man will be sure that you are criticizing him behind his back. Who would want that? Besides, he may see you as a very evil person. I don’t think you’ll be like his ideal of a lovely woman after that.” Most likely, he will not want to have such a life partner.

If you do not judge people you still can not, then you should talk about them exclusively in a positive way. Pointing out their best qualities. It is also appropriate to state which you prefer and which are strictly guided. Maybe your principles are the same. And that would be appropriate slavic girls.

Even if this man is very sympathetic to you, this is not a reason to reveal all your secrets and secrets. Especially strangers! Otherwise, you will become clearly uninteresting to him. And, having learned about other people’s secrets, he will certainly avoid you. Lest you what bad about him nothing not said.

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So, dear women, be on your guard. Nothing superfluous that is not allowed. More just only the most good. You can’t go wrong about that! Good luck!

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