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Breakfast on the side

I went for urgent cases in one of the regional centers of the Voronezh region it is still dark. Although the hands on the clock showed already half past six in the morning, but that he, with a short light period in December.

Weak grassroots snow drifting snow peremety the road, because my car is not particularly fast. And at the entrance to the settlement in the light is not yet extinguished beam saw standing at the curb Fox.

Slowed down over fifty meters from her, turned off the lights, leaving only the Parking lights, and… just decided to admire the beauty.
It began to dawn, ended in a snow whirlwind and showed their rays of the day star. In his first flashes lit up a fiery red color vestibules wool and resposive the tail of the animal.

Surprisingly, a few minutes was not a great predator, waiting does not change the posture, even to take a ride towards my directions weren’t paying attention.
“Something’s not right here, — flashed in my thoughts, but with the mind-that beast looks abiogensis and healthy.”

Forgetting about the urgency of the trip, decided to observe further the actions of foxes. She, not seeing the trick (as I noticed while admiring the beauty with specks of prossedi with gossip, lying in front of her hare!), approached the victim of a careless and dashing motorists, and began to eat. And this in the presence of hidden in the belly of a mobile unit of a person.

Hungry animal eagerly, I even heard the crunch of crushed bones, ate the unfortunate hare. Satiated, the Fox, and this, of course, was “the lady”, the female, unlike Fox, look more tidy — they don’t have to mark territory, because the tail is always fantastic — dragged the remains of the carcass into the forest and hid under a bunch of fallen trees, depriving it snow patterned frame.

Provident did cheat the Fox — don’t make it zahoronku like stray dogs, crows and magpies disposed of would unexpected pickings…
I’m just waiting for the completion event is a Breakfast on the roadside and continued on his way.

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