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Breakfast of these products will save you from sleepiness

Завтрак из этих продуктов избавит вас от сонливостиTurns out, there are product group, perfectly relieving the feeling of sleepiness in the morning and charging a person energy.

As you know, every morning people are faced with a terrible desire to go back to bed. Especially this feeling is exacerbated in the cold season, when it’s snow, rain, frost, sleet, and in bed under the covers warm, dry, very comfortable. About 90% of adults resorting to the invigorating drink — coffee. But doctors say that to Wake up and get rid of sleepiness can not only coffee, but also using other, more useful products.

Breakfast these products and sleepiness, as the arm lift:

1. Freshly squeezed juice from citrus fruits. Just a Cup of this juice will not only cheer up and have a positive impact on brain activity during the whole subsequent day. But there is an important rule to drink or eat on an empty stomach citrus fruits and all of them cooked, is strictly prohibited. Because they contain acids that may irritate the mucous membranes of the stomach and other organs of the gastrointestinal tract.

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2. Oatmeal. Itself for a long time oatmeal nourishes, gives strength and energy, cares about the health of the person. And if to it to add an Apple, the effect against drowsiness is to be doubled. It turns out that all your favorite apples contain boron, which substance fulfills the function of — concentration. So the oatmeal with apples is a Breakfast for those who are supposed to be active, alert and focused throughout the day.

3. Yogurt with banana. Both of these products are able to fight sleepiness if you eat them for Breakfast even separately. Natural yogurt without additives fit the required amount of magnesium that provides the energy for the hours ahead. Banana is the naturally sweet fruit, it does not harm the figure, but keeping your brain in the morning to quickly start. With a yogurt banana works wonders once you try it, you’ll notice how improved your mood and drowsiness evaporated.

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4. Green tea with dark chocolate. Here, too, we can speak about double the power. In green tea contains less caffeine than coffee, but in this case it is more long lasting, that is, the energy will be in place for a couple of hours, but twice. Dark chocolate contains caffeine, which speaks of the removing of signs of sleepiness. Plus, chocolate is sweet, and it means that the mood and mental abilities will improve instantly.

5. Chicken eggs. No wonder they call Superfoods. Due to the content of proteins, proteins, minerals and vitamins of eggs are extremely useful. Any egg dish is able to charge a man with energy for the whole day.

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