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Brazil swept mass protests of citizens

Бразилию захлестнули массовые протесты граждан The protests spread to ten States of the country

Protests against Senate adopted a law which froze all social benefits for 20 years, escalated into clashes with police

In more than ten States of Brazil, demonstrators clashed with police after the country’s Senate passed an amendment to the Constitution, allowing to freeze the growth of government spending for 20 years.

The Senate voted for an amendment by 53 votes, opposed by the 19 members of the Senate.

The new President of Brazil Michel Temer with amendments hopes to bring the country out of the deepest over the past decade of recession by limiting spending growth. The opposition argues that the amendment to the Constitution particularly negative impact on the situation of education and health, which are already seriously underfunded by the state.

Protests against the measure resulted in clashes with police in the capital and in at least ten States of the country. In Sao Paulo the protesters attacked the headquarters of the Federation of industries, and in Brasilia they marched to the offices of the TV channel Globo TV, which, in their opinion, supports changes to the Constitution.

November 16, 2016 in the capital of Brazil protesting against government plans to limit social payments broke into the building of the National Congress and occupied the meeting hall.

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