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Bratsk: a Jealous husband mistakenly killed his wife’s lover, and an innocent man

He just has the wrong house, but still punished to the fullest extent – he was given 12 years in prison.

The details of the incident, of course, shocking. Here you will come across some drunk idiot and write-was gone.

The “hero” of the case was a 25-year-old resident of the city of Bratsk, which is typical – previously convicted. Freed from prison, fraternal Othello decided to kill his friend, which was the killer thinking he was cheating on his wife. Night, being pretty drunk, the jealous man took a knife and went to the house of his spouses, with whom they lived separately. Unfortunately for the victim, the killer got the wrong number: his wife lived in the house number 17G, and the killer was in the house No. 17.

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Opened the door to the man the killer was stabbed in the chest and hit the heart. Seeing that he killed the wrong man (and the killer and victim are acquainted, of course, never was), the offender went on a further search of his wife’s lover.

At trial, the murderer pleaded guilty and stated that if not for alcohol intoxication, the crime would he have committed.

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