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Branding with a hot iron in the excerpt from the movie “the Vow”

Next week in limited release US will release the Thriller the pledge (Pledge). It is remarkable including the fact that he managed to win a couple of awards on the genre festival Screamfest. And the trailer was good. Now we have an interesting passage.

A scene from VIDOS flashed in the aforementioned trailer, but now it is possible to see, to feel, to feel the tension. And there will be really hard, because one of the characters will be labeled. Oh, those frat…

About the plot:

To become members of the prestigious fraternity, the three freshmen must pass the initiation, but hardly could they suspect, how sadistic are awaiting their trials.

The main castes amounted to Zachary Byrd (“Mr. Robot”), Phillip Andre Botello (“Nashville”), Cameron Coppercoat (“American horror story”), Aaron dalla Villa (“Experimenter”) and Zach Weiner (“Released from the cage”), part-time screenwriter.

In the Director’s chair — Daniel Robbins (“Released from the cage”).

“Oath” will reach U.S. theaters and VOD services already 11 Jan 2019.

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