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Brand traps Jason in “Friday the 13th”

It seems that the upcoming Friday the 13th: The Game is the only good for fans of Jason Voorhees in the last time. Stretch which, it seems, will have until 2019. Well, developers are increasingly teasing us with news about this project, so perhaps the point is to release. Not so long ago it was announced that Jason will be able to design different traps in the same way as it did in the original movies. And bots have counselors of camp Crystal lake also had a chance to set a trap for Jason. Then developed in the form of Questions/Answers described in detail about how it implements this function.

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Trap Jason are the same as counselors?

No. Jason long was in the woods alone. Honing your skills as a hunter and killer. As I said, these traps he created using found in the woods items. Old pieces of wood, rusty nails and spikes and, perhaps, springs from old beds and mattresses, so that the trap could snap shut

How to operate the trap Jason?

Traps are in inventory Jason. Making vybav, Jason kneels and sets a trap on the ground, and then covers it with leaves.

How many traps will be Jason?

Jason each allotted a different number of traps. For example, the Jason-2 there may be as many as five, while Jason-8 — only three.

Jason can set up traps anywhere on the map?

Jason will be able to set their traps only in external locations. He did not succeed to install them inside the cabins/buildings/under water/on the pier. Only on soil textures.

Can Jason set traps near doors, Windows and cars?

Yes. And that’s cool. You can decide at first glance if it desbalanceada item and will be used for trolling. But Jason because a limited number of traps.

It atlichna!

More heat for example!

On the attached screenshot you can see what it looks like mounted on ground trap. I see a pile of leaves in the road? This is it.

And here is the result. The trap is sprung, the victim is ready for a massacre.

Unfortunately, until now, has not named the exact release date, but we expect and sensitively monitored the news. And while you can get acquainted with the future victims of Friday the 13th: The Game, for example.

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