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“Brainwashing” boomerang hit the Kremlin

«Промывание мозгов» бумерангом ударило по Кремлю

The government and its propagandists have jointly established a nutrient medium for kovid-deniers and I don’t know what to do with it.

That’s the amazing thing. The number of infected with the coronavirus in the world has exceeded 7 million, and died of it already more than 400 thousand people, but koronakatu in Russia do not become less. And this despite the fact that the data on the pandemic are available from many sources.
However, a recent study by the Higher school of Economics showed that almost 32.8% of Russians do not believe in the epidemic, I consider it an invention of interested persons or believe that danger is exaggerated.

What does it mean? Given that the authorities have sent all their information and political resources on the dangers of coronavirus, and the number of persistent opposition traditionally does not exceed 15%, it appears that the authorities even in such seemingly obvious reason to believe, not only disloyal citizens, but also part of its nuclear electorate.

Controversy in social networks shows that the risk COVID-19 in Russia denied not only patriots, rooted in the soil, as well as some people with leftist views, but even some liberals. They suddenly cease to operate with facts and rational arguments and (perhaps unexpectedly even for myself) begin to drift towards the banal conspiracy.

At first glance this is surprising, because, again, the data kovido opened and presented to the competing academic and political centers.

So in January, when the pandemic began, it was possible “since scientists connoisseur” to say, for example, about a conspiracy of pharmaceutical companies, a “world government” or someone else. But continue to believe it in the beginning of June, when he died, 5.7% of the total number of registered people infected, at least strange. And this despite the fact that the notorious deaths from seasonal flu in the world, according to the who, is 1%.

If you continue to believe in a conspiracy, then how to explain that the quarantine measures were imposed such different countries with such different political and economic systems as the USA, China, Russia, most States of the European Union? What, trump, XI Jinping, Putin, the Prime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte and many other heads of States have come together in order to kill its economy? In General, the amount of damage get a huge — let me remind you that Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, reporting to President Vladimir Putin’s plan of economic stabilization, announced that addressing the consequences of coronaries will cost five trillion rubles.

Obviously, the title above version does not stand up to scrutiny. Then why is there such a distrust of the words and actions of the government, including, and loyal to her electorate?

Sociologists and psychologists call this denial reaction of the human consciousness, to protect from the frightening reality. This happens when the truth for people so terrible that it they have to close any, even apparently fantastic fiction. Ignoring even their own experience and many times proven facts.

Another reason for denial is called ignorance. Here tend to think about “the theory of a flat Earth” and the like. All this is true. But talking about the denial and on the rise in our society ignorance, often forget about the causes of both.

In my opinion, in our purely personalized political system, chief among the causes of denial are actions of the government. The thing is that people in the modern world (and not only modern) lives in two environments — purely material, where he works, walks the streets and shops, and online. We have the power of forms and that and the other and, therefore, responsible for them.

In their material life of our people feel the last six years is getting worse and worse. They spend more on food and clothing, it becomes harder and harder and servicing loans. However, in virtual life the first two years after the annexation of Crimea consolation and moral support to many people was “rising from its knees” and the public display of nuclear muscle. But the trouble is that Crimea on bread you will not smear. Syria — even more so.

In such circumstances, the mass consciousness or requires the punishment of enemies (but the Kremlin, most of all fear of revolution and civil war, opposition at the mercy of rare exceptions does not) or goes in the virtual world. What power struggles helps, in the sense that it actively contributes to the intellectual degradation of Russian society. And objectively, for example through a policy of closing/merging schools, deteriorating quality of education by increasing the load on teachers. And subjectively — quite purposeful information policy.

Because one business when about a flat Earth tells the village grandmother, and quite another when it speaks to television presenter, who is then awarded the prize. It looks like part of a deliberate policy on duped population.

In other words, the modern Russian was the victim of power in their real life and virtual. In the latter authority strenuously fuel to the fire by exploiting it created the myth of “gold Soviet century”. In the real USSR, of course, was both good and bad, but the appeal to the Soviet past in its mythologized the packaging is the style of the modern era.

However, the authorities faced unexpected for it the result of virtual games with their fellow citizens. Spinning myths about the Soviet Union, she was doing this purely for mercenary reasons, to appear as a continuer of the “Golden age” to the Russians that, the worse live in the real material world, the more nostalgic for a bygone submerged Soviet Atlantis. But naively believed her in the street suddenly began to demand not only the state of grandeur with missiles, but the Soviet level of social benefits.

Without that, the Russian people are becoming less and less confident of authorities that show and now surveys on quarantine measures. Policy on the treatment of brain within the country that until recently seemed so successful, began to work against the Kremlin. And, it seems, is just the beginning.


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