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Brad pitt thinks he’s a wise father and has a right to be around children


Loud divorce Angelina Jolie (Angelina Jolie) and brad pitt (Brad Pitt) acquires new details. In the media every day there are hidden parts in relations of spouses, as well as rumors about how they are going through a painful breakup.

Fotodom / Rex Features

More recently, it was announced that brad pitt, who originally agreed to transfer the custody of Jolie, suddenly decided to fight for children. Repeatedly reported to pitt in the divorce process is most worried about children. Insiders said: “pitt loves his children more than anything”. And, it seems, the actor is not going to lose custody of the children and took this seriously!

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Recently, the Network appeared the recording, which allegedly shared pitt. In it, the actor spoke about his thoughts about separation with children: “When you have the right to be a father and to be around children. When you are a father with great wisdom and knowledge. When you have the right to be a man who constantly thinks of the family.”

Such a heartfelt speech was probably directed against his former lover of Angelina, which restricts pitt in meetings with the children and set them against the father.

Brad pitt with children Fotodom / Rex Features


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Recall, Angelina Jolie, who recently literally destroyed the reputation of pitt, accusing him of violence, drunkenness and drug addiction no longer make such bright statements. The reason for this was the news that the FBI has closed the case against the actor, finding no evidence to support these accusations. Sources: “Fighting for custody against pitt was one of the most difficult tasks faced by Angelina for the last time. It is in a state of great stress and anxiety”.

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