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BQ Strike Selfie Max: powerful camera phone for sane money

The camera is a separate class of smartphones, imprisoned in the first place for high-quality images. Usually the focus is either on the main or front camera depending on the positioning of a particular model, although not without exceptions.

Officially, the Strike Selfie smartphone BQ Max is presented as a tool to create self-portraits with the subsequent posting them to various Internet services, but its main camera is also capable of much, plus the unit itself has a high performance due to the large amount of RAM.

On the Russian market a monoblock offered in gold and gray colors and is evaluated at exactly 10,000 rubles at the time of this writing. We got the gold version is probably the most popular, as fans to do a selfie among girls is much greater than among men. Will begin testing.



Box BQ Strike a Selfie of Max is radically different from those which come modern flagships from Samsung and several other brands, though you’ll be purely for the better. The quality of the material here is at least as good, and the total information content in several times higher.

The box presents all information about the smartphone, the most interesting and important to the potential buyer. Here is his photo in the selected color of the case (the second shade in our case none), a detailed specification sheet and a list of what you will find inside the package. The material itself is dense neprobivaemy cardboard: and presentation preserves, and protects the gadget from damage during transportation.



Accessories included with BQ Strike Selfie Max is very small – the manufacturer decided not to put in a box anything except the most necessary, but still indulged a protective film, previously deposited on the face of the body. Other accessories we could find.

The smartphone comes in a set with charger 1.5 ampere, data cable, manual and warranty card, headphone here but, alas, no. The instruction in this case sufficiently detailed and describes all the basic aspects of interaction with the gadget.



In terms of hardware characteristics of the smartphone BQ Strike Max Selfie is consistent with its value and features everything that should be present in the communication device 2017, for the money. In particular, he has dactiloscopy on the back panel, metal enclosure, non-removable battery of good capacity and large amount of RAM.

Additional specific features include a front flash on the display and the lack of the white border of the front panel – here she was, fortunately, painted in the default color scheme. The following information we have gathered with the box and official website, and more information can be found on Yandex.Market and in the operating instructions.

– display: IPS 5.5 inch HD, 1280×720 pixels, glass 2,5 D;

– processor: MediaTek MT6737, 4 cores, 1,25 GHz;

– video: integrated in CPU, Mali-T720;

– camera: primary 16 MP, front 13 MP;

interfaces: microUSB 2.0, microSD card, 2xSIM, 3.5 mm;

– wireless connectivity: GSM, 3G, LTE. GPS, FM, Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi 802.11 n;

– battery: 3000 mAh, non-removable, Li-polymer;

– operating system: Android 7, interface, Material UI;

– housing material: metal, plastic;

– casing color: gold, gray;

– dimensions: 155х77х9 millimeters;

– weight: 171 grams;

features: front flash and a fingerprint scanner.


The smartphone, apparently, supports mobile 4G network, including domestic frequency Band 20, LTE that will catch many large cities of our country.



The exterior of the smartphone BQ Strike Selfie Max gives the impression of a finished, completed, since in this model the front panel is not white, and painted the body colour. This immediately changes how it is perceived – with the frame it looks expensive, unlike IPhones with a white screen bezel, where they are similar to smartphones for $ 50.

The lack of white on the front panel and, on the contrary, the presence of glass 2.5 D visibly reduce the thickness of the side part of the display, which in and of themselves are not the wide. The back cover is removable and is removed quite easily, though not without the help of plastic cards. It is made of metal, and the top and bottom, it has plastic inserts into the side plates.

In the gold version of the smartphone will love the beautiful half of humanity, but in grey it’s just a phone with a large screen and a good battery, and nothing gives him belonging to the self-backgrounds, if not pay attention to frontal flash, so that the grey smartphone is perfect for men.

Now go over the elements of the case: above the display can be seen front-facing camera, flash for her, earpiece and sensors, lighting and proximity, and under the display is just a part of the frame, without touch buttons. On the right side there’s a traditional volume control buttons and the inclusion, bottom-placed microphone and the microUSB port for charging, and then as the top allocated space for entering the headphones.

The back of the case is placed under the main camera with flash, fingerprint scanner and an external speaker grill; under it we see a removable battery of large size, two slots for SIM-cards and a separate slot for microSD. Hot swap is not provided.



Smartphone BQ Strike Max Selfie fits in a man’s hand, rough side edges and rear panel do not allow him to slip out, plus they are not covered with fingerprints, unlike the front panel – there remains a trace from each contact of a finger with a protective film. Edge of the smartphone is pleasant to the touch, the glass really has rounded edges, and the entrance is under the charge finally is below – this is the most ergonomically correct its placement, not just the same as top-end smartphones it is on the bottom.

But what prevented BQ to put on the bottom face and another main speaker, remained a mystery – it should look at the rear panel, where it is constantly closed palm, pocket or table top. The ledge directly under the grate of the situation does not improve.

Second quibble with the ergonomics is on-screen buttons, which is a 5.5-inch screen into a regular 5-inch by skradyvaya of the visible area. Under the display, and place the button there would be a good idea, but it’s not torture, gentlemen (and ladies, of course).

The location of the other elements calibrated correctly, and even to dactiloscopy not have to stretch – it is easy to find by touch. However, if put on BQ Strike Selfie Max universal case of a series of “for 100,500 phones”, the scanner will be unavailable, but it is a problem of shell – buy branded accessories.

We would add that a smartphone with a screen 5.5 inches to use with one hand is impossible, unless you have SUPERLINE fingers – this applies to all smartphones, even frameless.



The display in BQ Strike a Selfie Max, frankly, excellent, from all sides. For this model clearly uses very high quality IPS-matrix with adequate viewing angles and decent brightness, which is enough even with a small margin.

In the sun the screen remains really quite a readable – Yes, you have to look, but it affects even cell phones with Super AMOLED. Indoor brightness and all can be reduced to 35-40%, and will be quite comfortable.

At extreme angles, the matrix generally does not fade, even the inverse of black color can be very picky consumers, but comfort of use is generally not affected. The sensor responds to 5 simultaneous touches and makes it very well, catching even the slightest touch at the corners.



Smartphone BQ Strike Max Selfie objectively one of the loudest in the line BQ, and this applies to both speakers – main audible at a great distance and even in the bag, it would be important for girls, and voice will not create problems with audibility during conversation both indoors and outside. Any manipulation of the engineering menu in this case do not hold.

At the same time, the microphone raises a number of questions: he, despite the lack of a second microphone can muffle the street noises, but also decreases the volume of voice. With the same protection from wind had no. In the room of such characteristics was observed.


Fingerprint scanner

Painted in the body color, dactyloscopy BQ Strike Selfie Max is on the small cavity, thereby easily detected by touch. Its dimensions coincide with the dimensions of the Touch ID in the iPhone 8 Plus, which makes it very convenient to use.

Out of 10 positives, the sensor recognizes the fingerprint 7 times, and it’s already quite bad, and if you add a second print of the same finger, the number of successful detections can be increased to 9 out of 10.



The whole point of BQ Strike Selfie Max lies in the cameras and in the front, and in the main at the same time as this camera. The camera is very good pictures in daylight – the quality will be not so easy to distinguish from images from smart phones to 20000 rubles, inclusive, from both cameras. The detailing is great, noise or not, so you can take great photos that will not be ashamed to spread in social networks or Instagram.

In the dark both cameras noise, but not so much in comparison with other smartphones for the same money, and front this issue is easily solved by the use of the flash. Flash main camera in this smartphone is not happy – she was much lacking brightness as it is based on only one small led.

For cameras BQ Strike Selfie Max redesigned interface – it resembles that of Xiaomi smartphones due to its minimalism and ease of use. All the settings available, there is techfocus and fast switching between cameras and photo and video recording. Put the smartphone for everything is a 5+.

Also the smartphone has a number of features in cameras are absent in the vast majority of models in this price range. In particular, the bokeh (the now popular background blur), which is activated in a mode “Portrait”. A second interesting feature is the acceleration of video up to 300 times in the “time period”. Acceleration setting range from X5 to X300, and then watching the video will already be with the given acceleration. Need this for quick viewing long clips and substantial time savings. Well, the third novelty is the ability to minimize videos while browsing, which will not stop. You can also open any other application, including games.



The smartphone runs on almost pure Android 7, which here feels very loose on the background of a 3 GB of RAM. System is stable and supports the update over the air: the test came a small update that fixes minor bugs.

The interface of the OS standard, but there are many third-party apps that BQ, sadly, supplies all of its smartphones: their 9, you can delete only one, and the others will only disable if no rooting. Latest to in this case is not easy: model new, and even up kingoroot on a couple of KingRoot to deal with this are unable.

First need to disable the app AppsPress that is cluttering up desktops with shortcuts as shown in the screenshot, the rest is, in principle, the operation does not interfere.

Smartphone augmented by the gesture support, for example, turning a double-touch the screen and it is very convenient, plus you can configure the display scale and the virtual to turn the HD screen in Full HD. Additionally there is the option to configure the order on-screen control keys.

After the first run the user can use 2.1 GB of RAM from 3 GB and also of 9.65 GB of the 16 GB ROM. Uninstalling third-party software releases another 550 MB of ROM.



Possible Strike Selfie BQ Max in terms of computing power was tested in three benchmarks – AnTuTu, GeekBench and Quadrant Standard, and the final results are not very impressive. In this smartphone and asks a more powerful processor, at least dual-core graphics card, but alas. Performance Max Selfie is more than enough for most everyday tasks, including streaming HD video in navigation, and also for working with documents, but if you are looking for a gaming solution, then this smartphone you won’t do. Under load case heating is noticeable, but not critical.

In AnTuTu the smartphone scored nearly 29000 points, Quadrant gave him almost 10400 points, and in GeekBench the processor has earned 526 points in single-core and 1,481 points in multi-core modes.


Work offline

Power system BQ Strike Selfie Max is a lithium-polymer non-removable battery at 3000 mAh. The only mode of talk on GSM networks smartphone lasts two full days, and the second is still 10-15% charge.

Full download razdrajaet smartphone in an average of 8-10 hours of use, however, in this mode, the devices are operated very rarely. Normal use put battery in 1-1. 5 days.

To charge from the supplied AC memory smartphone requires about three hours, which is not bad, because the Express charge therein stated. Heating of the battery is missing, so that the malfunctions do not worry.



Smartphone BQ Strike Selfie Max completely justifies its attitude to the camera: he takes it to perfectly and complete the picture of the app’s clean interface of the camera together with a nice frontal flash. Selfies and normal pictures will always bring quality.

The Assembly machine is too high, shades of the staff, autonomy and performance is also not satisfactory. In short, the phone is good all around, but the game – play it will only in simple games. However, BQ Strike a Selfie Max, and was not designed for this so of waiting, he was fully justified.


The pros Strike a Selfie BQ Max

– great camera, front flash;

– a loud sound;

– robust housing;

– a lot of memory;

– bright screen;

– the fingerprint scanner;

– Android 7.


Cons BQ Strike Selfie Max

– on-screen control buttons;

– pre-installed adware;

– no headphones included.

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