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BQ Strike Selfie is the best smartphone for self-portraits

What is the smartphone for selfie? In Russia in 99% of cases this is a normal mobile phone with software and a high resolution front camera. Sometimes it is added dim flash, and for selfie-ready background. But it’s all marketing, and to act on it is not worth it, if you do not want to overpay for a couple of lines of code in firmware and the led from AliExpress. However, in domestic retail, there are smartphones with an honest front facing camera that can really do very high-quality images. Today it is just about one of them – about BQ Strike a Selfie.


Smartphone BQ Strike Selfie is positioned as a budget solution for creating self-portraits, and it is definitely worth a look, because it is no more expensive than other phones with identical hardware, but without such bells and whistles as a powerful frontalka. Of course, the one here is not limited to – the smartphone, with all of its advantages, simply no peers, at least in the Russian market, and now we’ll tell you what he is so good, and also about the cons to tell. Yes, they are also available.



Smartphone BQ Strike a Selfie, he’s BQS-5050, offered in a traditional modern mobile phones of this brand cardboard box, made in red and white corporate colors. Cardboard moderately dense, everything opens easily and the packaging is full of information.

Twisted it in hands, you can learn about BQ Strike a Selfie is all you need – colors, the color of the instance, as well as the phone’s design and, most importantly, its hardware specs. What gives? In fact, it saves your time – no need to study Internet or call the seller-consultant. Very convenient. Also note the very stylish design of the packaging itself – it is much prettier and more colorful in comparison with even top-end mobiles.



Inside the box with BQ Strike Selfie we were expecting a very pleasant surprise. We have tested the smartphone from this manufacturer and complained that he saves on headphones. Apparently, we heard, and included with this unit headset still comes, and it’s not just cheap earbuds, and quite decent quality earplugs. Talk about them in the appropriate section.

BQ Strike Selfie is offered in a set with detachable back cover, removable same battery, data cable, user manual, charger on 1A, warranty card, headphones and protective film. The film immediately deposited on the faceplate, so tormented with self-sticker is not necessary. It can not but rejoice. Moving on.



BQ described the Strike Selfie smartphone on its official website and forgot to put them on the back side of the package. Some of the information is also contained in the instructions, however, all three sources do not provide a complete set of required data, except that if they are to build.

However, everything I need in them is still considered, but if you need detailed information, then there is no way to do without “Yandex.Market”. By the way, the recommended price of phone is 6500 rubles at the time of writing the review or $100, so you can see how it is profitable, after studying the following specifications sheet.

– screen: 5 inch, IPS, 1280×720 pixels, glass 2,5 D;

– processor: MediaTek MT6580, 4 cores;

– graphics: Mali-400 MP2;

– memory: 1 GB RAM, 8 GB ROM, microSD up to 64 GB;

– work in networks: GSM, 3G;

– Battery: Li-ion, 2500 mAh;

camera: basic 13 MP, front 13 MP, flash, autofocus;

interfaces: Wi-Fi 802.11 n, Bluetooth 4.0, microUSB 2.0, microSD card, 2xSIM, 3.5 mm;

– OS: Google Android 6.0 regular interface;

– dimensions: 144х73х10 millimeters;

– weight: 154 grams;

features: metal back cover, touch the button on the rear panel;
– casing color: gold, rose gold, dark grey, silver.

From the above it is seen that the apparatus does not contain a module LTE so cellular networks 4G it connects any scenario. This is the main drawback, which, unfortunately, can be corrected only by replacing the processor for something from the 67th in the series, because line 65 is not designed to integrate LTE modem into its composition. Also note the presence of a metal housing cover. She deserves a very close attention, because it also referred by us to the flaws.



From the point of view of design to the smartphone BQ Strike a Selfie is not to find fault: which side to look, all done just fine. We got a cell phone in gold and, in our opinion, the winning color of the body. The front side is he is completely black and covered with a curved glass 2.5 D, which visually increases the size of the touch screen. On top of the glass has a protective film, just like hell what the brand, but still trudnootdelemy from fingerprints.

Captures back cover and side plastic frame. Plastic made upper and lower part, but in the center it has a large metal bar with a very pleasant to the touch a rough surface is unpolished aluminum. The best solution in all senses: the device immediately looks more expensive, it does not slip out of hand and well cooled, so even in summer overheating should not be afraid of the aluminum easily removes all the heat from the processor and memory modules.

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BQ Strike Selfie looks the most stylish, and even the plastic inserts on the top and bottom metal plates are textured. It is pleasant to hold in hands, it is relatively heavy, which produces the perception of solidity of the design, but at the same time, it is quite compact due to the minimum thickness of the part of the screen.



Let’s start the evaluation of BQ ergonomics Strike a Selfie with the back panel as it was “a hellish sotona”, or not say. Girls, don’t even attempt to remove it from the phone – you will be left without a manicure, and your men then listen to long stories about how bad you have a cell phone. No, the phone is wonderful, just cover his body so tightly that once again it is not necessary to remove – put the SIM card and microSD, stuck the battery cover and forgotten. During the test we broke two Bank cards before we were able to remove it. This reliability, in our opinion, excessive, so we put “fail”.

Now, according to the General ergonomics. Faceplate BQ Strike Selfie looks a little unconventional for a smartphone for $100, because it was necessary to allocate a place under the camera. It is located here, where there is usually a speaker, and he was placed higher at the edge. To the right of the camera has a set of sensors, and the left – the same front-facing flash. Next to it is the led that indicates incoming calls as well lit while charging.

Placed below the touch 5 inch screen, and under it is something for which we can supply BQ Selfie Strike “five” machine – a single touch of a button. Manufacturers save us and do not put these buttons by integrating them into the display, and here they are, and that’s great. It’s a pity though that they are without backlight, but we have already taken.

Further, the volume buttons and the inclusion of moved to the right side, the entrance under the sent up headphones and a microphone and microUSB can be found on the bottom. Of most interest here is the back cover. We initially thought that BQ Strike a Selfie is a fingerprint scanner, although it is not stated in the specification list, but in fact it is not. But there looks like dactyloscopy touch button, located right below the main camera and its flash. It does not need to unlock the phone, and to control both cameras. In the lower part of the rear panel we see the speaker holes and a small plastic ledge that the sound was loud when the phone is lying on the back.

Breaking the two cards, we took the same back panel, and we caught sight of the inscription “No hot plug!”, that eliminates the possibility of hot pluggable cards. While one of the two microSIM is still possible to pull without removing the battery, but we decided not to risk it. second microSD and microSIM cannot be removed while the battery is in the compartment. Also under the hood there is an entrance through the outer antenna and the plurality of contacts in contact with the aluminum. Apparently, the cover is a kind of additional antenna.



Display BQ Strike a Selfie based on the matrix IPS, and in this case this is not marketing. Yes, the price is not high, but to stoop to the outdated TN panel manufacturer did not, for which he thanks. The image on the screen is very juicy and rich colors, the viewing angles are very wide, so it does not fade and does not fade.

Brightness all too well – the maximum illumination enough that the screen does not fade in the sunlight, it remains quite readable. Touch a layer of a conventional, no frills – two simultaneous touches detects it easily, but he is not capable.



Speaker BQ Strike a Selfie and not loud enough – this we understood immediately. Without settings in the engineering menu on the street on this phone is not to talk, the interlocutor will be heard. But you just hear or feel what someone calls you because a vibrator motor is very powerful, and the main speaker even on regular options is quite loud. The audio plays okay, but no bass.

The microphone in the smartphone configured well, but it has no protection from extraneous noise. It will charge for the cost of the apparatus as a whole. The bundled headset was frankly pleased with the sound loud, the microphone is good and the headphones, with a medium size rubber tips, perfect hold your ears and do not fall. Buy an optional headset sense in this case no no.

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BQ Selfie on Strike installed OS Google Android 6.0 with the traditional regular launcher, no frills. Everything loads very quickly, and no extra settings here, so spending time on them is not necessary.

But in BQ Strike a Selfie there are a few third-party apps – there are six, and only one of them, most harmless, deleted by standard means. Everything else will have to be removed with the help of rooting, and this can lead to loss of guarantee. Here’s a double-edged sword. A trifle, and unpleasant.

As we said, the touch button on the rear panel is not dactyloscopy, because even in the lock menu screen there is no corresponding item. Button only control the built-in cameras. Loved the selection of tunes for SIM cards – it is, first, very comfortable, secondly, in the style of Android 4.x. Ah, the nostalgia!

We should add that the memory card is a must-have accessory for BQ Strike a Selfie. Yes, it does have 8GB ROM, but are available only 3,79 GB, so even offline maps for the modern prospector will not fit.


Work offline

BQ Strike Selfie is powered by a battery capacity of 2500 mAh. The vast Network already found shops where you can buy a spare battery for it, which is very good – don’t have to carry an external battery.

The battery manufacturer is not stated, so nothing to compare with. From the regular memory battery is charging on average for 4 hours, and consumes energy it is relatively slow. The entire stock was spent on 10 hours of talk time on a GSM network.

From the point of view of normal operation BQ Strike Selfie is also holding very good: in 11 hours at average brightness it accurately enough. It’s three hours of calls, two hours of Internet on Wi-Fi, an hour of streaming video, hours of fun, a bit of travel on the menu, and the remaining time the phone was in standby mode. A good result for the public sector.



In BQ Selfie Strike installed not the latest Intel processor from MediaTek, complemented by only 1GB of RAM. From this configuration, not expecting much initially, so we were set up to not very impressive results.

However, to surprise us with this smartphone could, though in a good way. In the benchmark Quadrant Standard, he unexpectedly earned enchanting for the public sector 8051 points. In AnTuTu he also showed the class over 24700 points. Many usually gain models with 2 GB of RAM. Smartphone turned out to be a very fast – presumably, well-drained operating system.



The camera is something for which, in General, was conceived full review BQ Strike a Selfie. Interesting point: we will consider only one of the two cameras, because the second was identical, down to the speed of the autofocus and even the brightness of the flash. The only difference in the angles of frontale wide angle lens, and the normal, as seen in the attached pictures.

And we talk about front camera BQ Strike a Selfie. Here installed 13-megapixel sensor, a wide angle lens. She also has flash, which really helps to do a selfie. We can’t say anything bad about her, except that she, like most, a little delay responds to changes in position of the phone in space. The autofocus is activated for about 0.5 seconds. Pictures with the main camera, with flash and without, respectively:

The picture quality is quite decent for a smartphone for 6500 rubles. The attached photo was done specifically in the dark in the room, lit only by two lamps with 60 watt Soviet. The color is a bit distorted, but the overall quality of the picture is quite digestible.
Pictures with the front camera, with flash and without matching:

We thought it a great idea with the touch shutter button. No need to try to get drawn on the screen the picture to take a picture, pushed a button with your finger, and a second photo is saved in gallery. Standing ovation. By the way, it is possible to control the main camera. To summarize, we put the cameras BQ Selfie Strike the highest score.



Not going to paint conclusions on three pages, everything will be as compressed. If you need a phone for selfie for reasonable money, then BQ Strike a Selfie – it’s your choice. He simply has no analogues in the category of “$200” though it costs only $100. Cons it is very small, and below can read them again and make sure that the purchase and operation they do not interfere.


Pros BQ Strike a Selfie

– great built-in camera;

– front flash;

– touch shutter button;

– bright design;

– metal back cover;
– a loud sound;

– earphones.


Cons BQ Strike a Selfie

– lack of 4G;

– very tight rear cover;

– quiet earpiece;

– the presence of abnormal.

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