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BQ Shark Rush smartphone, which transcend water, dust and drop

In the line of Shark Russian company BQ has a new representative, has received all the characteristics of the series. This smartphone Shark Rush, has a very sturdy casing with protection from water, dust, bumps and drops.

Shark Rush became the fourth representative of the series – with him in it includes smart phones Shark Shark Shark Pro and Mini. As one painted entirely in black, and each offers protection from external factors, but each very different from each other. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Shark Rush got a lot of modern features, including an elongated screen, 18:9, USB charging port-C and Android 9 already out of the box. Well, it’s time to see what else it has, and what it can do. At the time of writing the cost of the Shark Rush was 13 000.


Packing and target audience

BQ Shark Rush Packed into a small box made of cardboard, but here the manufacturer
uses their brand colors (red and white), and bright yellow and dark gray.

The box design has also changed – now instead of an image of the smartphone on the upper side we show the traveler, holding a compass.

This is a direct allusion to the positioning of the device – smartphone may well be used in extreme situations for the equipment, that is to take it with you “in the field” where there may be sudden changes in temperature, strong winds, frosts, rains and other weather phenomena to normal gadgets are not the most useful.

Also on the box with BQ Shark Rush has a list of his specifications, though very detailed. It carried on the bottom face of the box, where there is also a list of supplied accessories.



BQ Shark Rush is equipped with the date cable USB-C, compact battery charger 10-watt, original clip tray SIM-cards, and a protective film on the display. The latter is already printed on the front panel, and remove it is not recommended – only if replacing with a new one or on the glass.

Also in the box you will find the warranty card and the manual. It will come in handy, because the smartphone is the main control buttons are not placed as most phones, plus there is an extra button with a very interesting and useful functionality.



screen: IPS, 5.45 inch HD+, 1440×720 pixels, 16:9;

– processor: MediaTek P22, 8 cores, 2 GHz;

– memory: 4 GB RAM, 64 GB of internal, microSD up to 128 GB;

– interfaces: USB-C microSD card, 2xSIM;

– wireless interfaces: LTE, GSM, 3G, GPS, GLONASS, FM, NFC, Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi 802.11 n;

– battery: non-removable 3900 mAh;

– camera: primary 13+0.3 MP; front 8 MP;

– firmware: Google Android 9 Pie;

– housing material: plastic;

– security: fingerprint scanner, face recognition;

– casing color: black;

– dimensions: 159х75х12 mm;

– weight: 211 grams;

– features: shock proof case, water protection IP68.


In this smartphone BQ used a USB type-C instead of the outdated microUSB 2.0. This has a positive effect on the usability of the gadget, since the interface is USB-C has a symmetric shape that enables the connector cable when you connect your smartphone to computer or charger.

Also pay attention to the fact that the smartphone is protected from water the best standard today – IP68. He also, incidentally, ensures protection from getting inside the unit dust and dirt.



In appearance, BQ Shark Rush is purely a man’s smartphone, it is as brutal and harsh. Available exclusively in black, it is covered decorative mounting screws, plus its design is very much straight lines and sharp angles. Metal inserts on the case, with the exception of the mentioned screws, no.

For the General concept of smartphone design is quite classical, except for the location of a number of elements, which in the next section. Despite given Apple’s “fashion” in this apparatus there is no monopoly or vertical oval camera – the first was replaced by a conventional screen frame, and the camera is horizontal and rectangular. Looks very stylish, and unusual square fingerprint scanner on the rear panel.

The front panel is noticeably larger than the screen itself – its scope by the standards of 2019 a total waste of time, but in this case this is justified by the increased strength of the hull. the thicker the frame, the harder the screen will break if dropped by the end of the body on a hard surface. So there’s a plus.

Control buttons on the bottom frame do not exist – they are virtual and are placed on the screen. Above the display is multicolor information led, sensors, proximity and light, earpiece and front camera.



Let’s start with the connectors. The charging port of the smartphone is at the bottom and closed with a rubber stopper. In your seat it sits snugly, but without effort, you can pry the nail and reach the interface. For those who will often charge the phone, this cap will interfere, but it pretty much delivered. The microphone, by the way, is placed on the front panel.

An additional button on the left side is used for quick launch frequently used any application – the default is the camera, but you can change it in settings. Long press to launch the voice assistant. Button is very convenient, it is easy to find by touch.

With the main side buttons on the right side not so obvious – the volume buttons are shifted closer to the center, and in the end, where usually there is button, now the button is volume down. It’s very inconvenient and will have to get used to. The very power button is raised up and disguised under one of the screws fastening the housing.

Left on the body is also a tray for SIM-card. With the help of a paperclip or needle it goes without effort, and you will have to wait one full SIM slot and a second hybrid – combined with the microSD. That is, will have to make a choice – either dual SIM or one SIM plus memory card.

Loved the location of the thumbprint scanner is in the right place, it is easy to reach with the forefinger of either hand. On the contrary, did not like the presence of the main speaker on the back panel while watching video in landscape mode it will almost always be closed by hand.

For ease of grip the smartphone is almost no equal in the hand, not afraid of this word, perfect. The device is very pleasant to the touch due to the Soft Touch plastic (as in classic phones and Nokia smartphones), and the housing do not easily soiled – fingerprints on it does not remain. The screen itself, this is not true – it is glossy and covered with finger marks instantly.

The weight of the smartphone in hand is not felt – it seems that its weight does not exceed 180 grams instead of the claimed 211. At the same time, he immediately gives the impression of a monolithic “brick” due to the good fit of the housing parts to each other.

And one more thing. One of the screws on the right side end covered round warranty sticker. When using a smartphone it is constantly in contact either with the index and middle fingers of the left hand or right hand, and sooner or later it might get ruined.



The quality of the screen Shark Rush BQ uses high-quality IPS panel with viewing angles of 178 degrees. The display showed his very good side in the sun on maximum brightness it is quite readable, i.e., it is not blind.

As for changing colors at extreme angles, it is here and here only does not depend on the screen, and from the film – that it distorts some colors, if you look at the smartphone at an angle of almost 180 degrees. The matrix is anything like seen – inversion of the shades, including black, us was not fixed.

To color saturation, and graininess, despite the HD+, no questions asked. Moreover, even if the option to reduce the font and zoom, the picture quality did not suffer. In short, the matrix from Shark Rush is really good.

The sensor layer defines five simultaneous touches, it works well over the entire area of the screen. Control mode with one hand, but it’s already a relic of the past.



Shark Rush was very loud mobile – both its dynamics can be set at 60-70%, and that will be enough in most cases. Earpiece sound quality is way ahead of more expensive smartphones, but at maximum volume, you may experience the sounds during the test that our sample was twice so not critical.

The main speaker gives good mid and high frequency, but the lower he still is not enough. When playing music it is very well marked, and when viewing the video does not, so the disadvantages will not burn, because listening to music through the main speaker of a smartphone in most cases simply rude. Your musical preferences are interesting only to you.

The transfer of the microphone to the front panel had a positive impact on sound quality. In the first place. It is closer to the source of the voice, secondly, because he provided an additional windscreen. The microphone showed good sensitivity, wheezing and hissing was observed. Denoising in the smartphone is missing, and that’s in the cons still write – the device is designed for use in equipment for extreme conditions, and there can be very noisy and windy.


Protection of information

Shark Rush allows you to configure facial recognition and finger scan both together and separately. Dactyloscopy default is triggered 9 times out of 10, adding two prints of one finger is not required. Touch with wet fingers the sensor not reacts, when triggered, the screen turns on after 1 second (we measured) and immediately opens the Desk, bypassing the lock screen.

Face detection works well in bright light, but in dusk begins to fail. Day 10 operations of 10, speed is almost instant, in the evening 7 out of 10, a little slower. At night, when all the artificial street lighting – the same 7 out of 10. That pleases, after tripping Face ID, the smartphone opens the desktop does not need to manually swipe the lock screen.


Protection against water and shock

For protection from water in Shark Rush has at least a rubber plug for the charging port and rubber ring on the tray for SIM-cards. IP68 standard implies a full protection against ingress of dust and the ability of the device to survive after being under water at a depth of three meters for one hour.

Under test, we kept the smartphone in a small container with water for 20 minutes in an enabled state. This is sufficient, as few will forget his cell phone under water for a longer period. Shark Rush survived, but the main speaker has become quieter. after drying in a warm room the sound volume recovered. After two days no change in the behavior of the smartphone is not apparent.

Impact protection manufacturer not regulated – typically shockproof smartphones receive a certificate MIL STD 810G. We dropped the smartphone on a hard surface from a height of 1 meter a few times but always on the ends – the result is only minor damage to the hull and the screen survived. Flat throw is not resolved – strengthened glass, the smartphone has not been reported, and the probability of the screen is very high. The moral is – the additional case of this smartphone is not required, but a whistle is best to purchase.



Shark Rush runs on Android 9 with minimal changes in the interface. Added gesture support, plus there is the ability to customize the applications launched by pressing the extra side buttons. The rest is pure Android, due to which it does not consume resources of the mobile wasted.

But if additional system applications in the smartphone not, there are plenty of promotional software that is better to remove it. Of the 11 applications of this kind, you can remove 9, there will be only two utilities Yandex, which you can just disable it. Deletion would free up an additional 500 MB of disk space.

The new smartphone is very fast even when you first start – no slowdown or freezes, everything quickly opens and closes right out of the box. The software is well optimised, plus there is a lack of useless software in the OS itself – when testing by Dr. Web no malware was found.



The smartphone was tested in the benchmark AnTuTu and 3DMark with package Ice Storm. GeekBench for unknown reasons start refused. Used the latest version of the apps installed from Google Play.

The results, in fact, we were really surprised. The smartphone has received very high results in both tests – AnTuTu gave him 90174 points, and 3DMark gave 11750 points. For the vast majority of modern games this is more than enough, not to mention 99% of all normal applications. During the test, felt a slight heating of the case in the area of the CPU.

In the memory of the smartphone holds three heavy (two Navigator and browser) and five smaller applications. For everyday use enough.


Work offline

BQ Shark Rush is working from the built-in battery capacity 3900 mAh. Particularly energy-intensive components of it, not even the CPU and trained in modern algorithms conserve.

In normal operation “as at all” smartphone discharged on average 2 days of the day, but very long lasting on the last 10 percent. Under extreme loads, the smartphone can withstand 10-11 hours, and video playback from YouTube by Wi-Fi it drains in 7 hours with screen brightness 35-40%. Talktime on GSM networks it lasts an average of 10 hours.

Energy recovery from complete memory is in a couple of hours, the battery in the charging process is slightly warm. Attempt to use a more powerful charger gives the results – the charging time is not reduced. We used an 18 amp charger, paradisee the battery for 1 hour and 40 minutes. Battery heated up quite significantly, so that such experiments shouldn’t be done on a regular basis.


Pros BQ Shark Rush

– reinforced hull;

– well-optimized firmware up to date;

– USB charging port-C;

– fast identification of the individual;

brutal design;

– protection from water, dust and shock.


Cons BQ Shark Rush

– inconveniently located speaker and the power button;

– lots of advertising applications.

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