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BQ Magic: this elegant smartphone with powerful stuffing

In the beginning the autumn of 2016, the company BQ introduced a new smartphone BQS-5070 Magic from a number of budget, although my “classmates” he practically similar if we consider it from the point of view of appearance. The manufacturer has managed very nicely to combine in one model and interesting design, and good performance and very reasonable price, taking into account, of course, current exchange rates, in particular, the ruble and the dollar.

After a little more time BQ Magic arrived in Russia and almost immediately came to us for test. In our country, the candy bar is sold in five different body colors, and we got a very bright, white with Golden frame case – it was our choice as this shade is most evident from all of the elements of style, of which there are many.The article will try to consider comprehensively BQ Magic to sort through all his strengths and weaknesses, although there is a suspicion that finding it will have a problem: the machine makes a very good first impression.



On the Russian market smartphone BQ Magic sold in a small cardboard box decorated in a combination of red and white flowers. There is even a silver embossing, which adds to the elegance package. From the point of view of richness of information here, everything is just great, because learning about the cell phone inside it, can any of the details, starting from the appearance (photo on the top cover) to the place of its production.

Also, the packaging provides information about the possible color options for the hull with the chosen colour and gives a brief but succinct list of characteristics. If you want you can read about the contents of the box, and here it is not all good, alas.



Standing out against the background of other phones with similar price tag as its original design in the style of top models, new BQ Magic, unfortunately losing in terms of personnel. Yes, this is a budget machine, but you need to pull the headset out of the box? But if the buyer needs inexpensive headphones for communication, for example, driving?

Total, BQ Magic sold together with a charger, data cable, warranty card and manual. It is unclear how it was possible to save and not to add equipment headphones. Why be like Wileyfox, which also offers its low cost smartphones without the “ears”? Although, there is also a charger there, so that the bad example was contagious only by half. But there is a silver lining: in the configuration of smartphone includes two protective film, though it is very efficiently deposited on the front panel by the manufacturer.


Hardware specifications

But if the set BQ Magic mishap happened, providing information about the possibilities of the smartphone is no problem at all, not to read the required details on the website of the manufacturer, and the same information given on the packaging. If that’s not enough, complete manual will provide you with the information, so everything is open and integrity. According to the information provided, the smartphone has the following components.

– screen: 5 inch, IPS, 1280×720 pixels;

– processor: MediaTek MT6737, 4 core, 1250 MHz;

– memory: 2 GB RAM, 16 GB ROM, microSD up to 128 GB;

– OS: Google Android 6.0 Marshmallow, Material UI;

camera: front 5 MP, the main 13 MP;

– communication modules: GSM, 3G, LTE, Wi-Fi 802.11 n, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, FM-tuner;

– Battery: removable, 2000 mAh;

– connectors: 2хЅІМ, microUSB, microSD, 3.5 mm.

– dimensions: 143х71х8 millimeters;

– weight: 138 grams.

From the above it becomes clear that available, in General, the smartphone has one of the most modern firmware, besides it is able to connect to networks of the fourth generation, and the matrix screen it good. So, perhaps, forgive him the absence of a headset?



Design is that other things being equal makes the smartphone BQ Magic more attractive in comparison with other devices for 7500 rubles (the average price on “Yandex.Market” at the time of writing). In white housing it looks, not afraid of this word, gorgeous, with whatever side you look. He doesn’t have a metal body, but it weighs quite a bit for its size.

The front panel catches the eye with a complete lack of buttons – they are not even under the screen, and the display is not visually has a side part and because seem very large. It looks stylish, especially in combination with Golden frame, stylized brushed metal. The back also has a being a metal, but this time not even just not polished, and not brushed. This appearance really attracts the eye.

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For the location of controls and interfaces have a Magic all standard BQ: input under earphones and a microUSB port located at the top end, bottom-placed microphone, the power button is on the right side and the volume key made on the left side. The front part of the body is the selfie camera, earpiece and sensors of light and proximity above the display and the touchscreen, touch the buttons underneath it are not provided.

The back is also available for traditional vehicles set: main camera, flash-based single led next to it and one speaker at the bottom. There is also the logo of the manufacturer and the model name.

The ergonomics and quality of execution

A good impression from the exterior BQ Magic supplemented with a satisfaction Assembly quality: smartphone built very well and seems sturdily built as a monolith with a screen in the center of the front panel. However, his weight never felt in the hand, plus it has a slightly elongated hull shape that makes it easy to hold with just one hand.

We don’t like is the posted location of the keys on and sound: after all, it is much easier when they are both on the right side. But really, it’s a matter of habit. We also note the absence of touch buttons under the screen: they are displayed on the display itself that made, in all probability, to save.

The unusual texture of the side faces and the back panel cause the BQ to Magic constantly wants to touch with this manufacturer guessed on all 146%. In addition, at the sides and back do not remain fingerprints, and the texture of the metal provides a very secure grip – the phone doesn’t slip out of your hands. But the front panel, smooth -, can serve as a database of fingerprints: every touch of the uncompromising left.

There is also a remark about the material of the rear panel, which is also the battery cover. It is made of very thin plastic, so remove it be very careful, otherwise you may break it. Be very careful. Under it are two slots for SIM-cards, which are impossible to replace without pulling the battery. The microSD slot is located separately and supports hot swapping.


Touch screen BQ Magic based on the matrix IPS, recently installed solely in expensive professional monitors and high-end smartphones. Its characteristics are high brightness, very wide viewing angles and good color reproduction.

All this fully applies to the touchscreen of the considered device: which side to look, and it does not fade, and the sun is quite fades, becoming like a mirror. And yet let us not forget that we are talking about budgetary means of communication, so we should not compare the screen with displays of all sorts of Samsung S7 and the like. Miracles, you know, does not happen.

A touch screen is very responsive and responds to the slightest touch, which can be five at a time, as shown by the test in the benchmark AnTuTu. In this model we have not found a common occurrence of yellowing when the white color is not quite white but with a light, barely noticeable, but annoying shade of yellow. There is no such, which is very pleasing.

But still, on-screen buttons – this is clearly unnecessary and a sign of cheapness, because they take a considerable part of the usable area of the display. For it is a minus. At the same time, the side frame touchscreen relatively thin.



The acoustics in BQ Magic on the level of coolness is comparable to the design of a smartphone, in other words, she’s just fine. That is seriously amazing, but this is the case when a cell phone without stereo speakers and a discrete DAC can give a clean and, most importantly, a very loud sound. We honestly tried not to hear an incoming call on a noisy street or in a moving vehicle, but was unable – the phone is heard, no matter what. Great.

The same can be said about the speaker: for the public sector audibility is very decent, and only the microphone is a bit far. According to the source, he heard the voice and all that noise, so on the street or in a strong wind will have to cover the microphone with your hand. I would like to test the sound quality of the bundled headset, but BQ Magic, as you know, has deprived us of this opportunity.

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BQ Magic runs on pre-installed operating system Google Android 6.0 with the standard interface, Material UI. To tell there is especially nothing – everything is standard, except for a rather large number of programs not from Google. We counted six apps that could be deleted, however, without rooting to get only one of them.

Therefore, it turns out that root to obtain sooner or later if you don’t want to see incomprehensible aggregators applications, as well as the toy Blitz – not all play tanks. In addition, it consumes memory, both operational and embedded, and it is still not so much: to install applications, the user is allocated only 1 GB.



Smartphone BQ Magic, recall, costs around 7,500 rubles, and for its price it was very powerful. No, the characteristics are all pretty standard – all the fun showed us the test results in the bench-marks Quadrant Standard and AnTuTu. Both apps are highly appreciated capabilities of CPU and memory, namely this depends on the resulting performance.

BQ Quadrant in Magic earned 11965 points, while in AnTuTu, not particularly straining, he managed to get 30142 points. Both the benchmark maximum loaded modules of the smartphone, but it is, nevertheless, not heated, so that the overheating of this machine is not inclined.


Work offline

The power supply system of the smartphone BQ Magic presents a removable lithium-ion battery capacity of 2000 mAh. It would seem that quite a bit for the machine with the stuffing, but during testing it turned out that Magic is able to save battery, and does it very successfully. Note that in the specifications the manufacturer has not specified the battery life.

In the end, a single charge of the battery is uncalibrated, we had approximately 9 hours of relatively intense exercise. Of which 3 hours were spent on calls, 1.5 hours left for video games, 2 hours was given to live streaming video in HD-quality, half-hour we sat in the social networks, and about half an hour we took the journey through all the menu items. The remaining time the phone was in standby mode. During testing, the autonomy of the backlight brightness was at 30%, plus the activated Wi-Fi modules and Bluetooth. The bottom line is have great autonomy, despite the small battery capacity. It remains to add that the mode car Navigator smartphone lasted just over 2 hours.



Built-in camera BQ Magic did not cause us negative emotions, but not particularly pleased. For the price of the smartphone shoots fairly well and makes a good selfie, but it is best to use the camera in the daytime because flash main camera based on one is not the brightest led, and frontally flash and does not. But in good light the pictures are relatively good and even rich color.

Video recording can be carried in HD and the matrix in the process of searching the frame is not impeded, as is often the case in cheap models. Autofocus is present only in the main camera and it works very fast. Touch focus is also available.



Summing up all said above, we get that the smartphone BQ Magic was one of the most interesting novelties of 2016 in the segment. Attracting attention with its unusual (in a good way) appearance, it holds the interest of the user high performance and ability for a long time without recharging and the ability to loudly and accurately play music. And this, to be honest, almost everything you need to most consumers, is high-speed mobile Internet add, but he’s here too.


Pros BQ Magic

– an unusual design;

– good sound;

– removable battery;

– high-quality screen;

– high performance;

– long battery life.


Cons BQ Magic

– no headset in the package.

– the presence of Needleman third-party applications.

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