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BQ Intense smartphone with infinite battery

To teach a modern smartphone to work very long time simply to equip it with quite capacious battery. Plays an important role and optimization of the firmware, but the iOS, in Android it has long been held.

Large batteries dare to put not all manufacturers, and in the end the vast majority of smartphones work a day or two on one charge, and all. But this does not apply to the new BQ Intense (model number BQ5530L) with battery, attention, 8000 mAh. Yeah, that’s not a typo it really is this kind of battery, and today this smartphone in our test. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

New BQ Intense is a descendant of the eponymous smartphone with model number BQ5005L, who also stood a strong battery 6000 mAh. The modern version comes in black, blue and brown color options (we have an instance of blue) and costs 7,500 rubles (at the time of publication of the article).



BQ Intense comes in a cardboard box decorated in corporate colours BQ – red and white. Render of the phone, but there is a picture of a windmill generator of electricity from wind, symbolizing a huge amount of energy in the battery.

The material of the box is very thick cardboard, together with the filling it has a pretty decent weight, and its lower edge the manufacturer has placed data on characteristics of the smartphone, and the accessories supplied.



In the box with BQ is Intense only what you need – data cable (microUSB connector), the charger is 10 watts (5 volts, 2 amperes) and a protective film, which is pre-applied on the display. It includes a manual and warranty card.

The clip tray SIM card in the box with the smartphone was not, but no one forgot – it here simply is not necessary. The fact that the battery is removable here, and he, of course, is also located inside the box.



screen: IPS, 5.45 inch, 18:9, 1440х720 points;

– processor: MediaTek MT6739WA, Quad-core, 1,25 GHz;

– memory: 3 GB RAM, 32 GB internal, microSD up to 64 GB;

– interfaces: microSD, microUSB 2.0, 2xSIM, 3.5 mm;

– wireless connectivity: GSM, 3G, LTE, GPS, FM, GLONASS, Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi 802.11 ac 2.4 GHz and 5GHz, NFC;

– firmware: Google Android 9 Pie;

– battery: removable 8000 mAh;

– camera: front 5 MP, 8 MP main;

– dimensions: 148,5х70,9M x 16,5 mm;

– weight: 240 grams;

– housing material: plastic;

– case color: black, blue, brown;

features: removable back panel, fingerprint scanner.


All specifications of the manufacturer provided on the box, the manuals and on the official website The presence of such a huge battery involves the use of modern USB type-C, which would allow you to charge it very quickly, but here, unfortunately, used the outdated microUSB 2.0. In the end, 10 watts is the maximum that can be squeezed out of him.

On the other hand, the solution with a removable battery has its advantages – if BQ will sell batteries for this model separately, it will be possible to buy a few and forget about what the rarefied smartphone.



Updated BQ Intense comes in an all plastic case, no metal fashionable and the more fragile glass elements. Plastic is used in a variety of textures – for example, at the ends and partially on the back cover he’s just Matt, and the second part of the back panel is still rough. Looks very interesting and fresh – this is no solution none of the modern smartphone in the Russian market.

In General, the smartphone resembles the classical model smartfonov – there’s no pretentiousness, it makes a good impression and looks as unobtrusive as possible without irritating the iridescent shades of the body, or forever stained the back glass panel.

We got a blue undertone, which, as BQ with all colors, blue can not be named – he has a touch of grey, even steel, and the color turned out very beautiful and deep. I think this solution will look much more interesting than plain black.



Immediately answer the main question – Yes, weight and thickness of the smartphone is very well felt, so if you’re a little fragile girl, this camera is clearly not for you. everyone else, especially men, it fit perfectly, because when the width is 16.5 mm, it remains rather narrow due to the elongated display, which is extremely positive effect on the convenience of the grip.

In General, hand BQ Intense is like a glove, just due to the matte housings, and solid weight. Hands from its weight it is not tired – except that half an hour of conversation you may feel fatigue, but don’t talk for so long.

The issues we have raised two points: why is the charging port placed on the upper face, and the main speaker forgot on the rear panel? Both solutions are inconvenient and speaker, and charging port are required to be on the bottom and nowhere else, because now the speaker will close the hands of the table on which it lies, and to use the smartphone while charging would be inconvenient because constantly interfere cable.

The location of the remaining elements are standard – the power button and volume on the left side, the entrance under the headphone at the top. The microphone on the right, the main camera with flash and dactyloscopus back. The front has a screen with a rather wide lower and upper limits. Above it are the earpiece, front camera for selfies and a couple of sensors – light and proximity. Buttons OS manufacturer on the lower panel display has not become.

The battery cover is held firmly and does not fly with seats. Nails without sacrifice to remove it will not work, but the plastic card that is up for a couple of seconds. Under the lid there are two slots for SIM cards and a separate microSD slot. Replacement without removing the battery impossible.



The smartphone uses classical matrix IPS, which means wide viewing angles (178 degrees vertically and horizontally), minimal glare at extreme angles and good color reproduction. All of the above is quite typical for this device.

Oddly enough, but the HD+, not very high by modern standards, in this case, the optimal choice – the screen itself has a slight diagonal, so grit is not, and all icons and text are visible clearly and without blurring. Optionally, in the settings you can reduce the display scale.

In the sun the screen is completely “blind”, despite the fact that his brightness is regulated in very wide range. The sensor layer defines only two simultaneous touch, but quickly triggered over the entire area of the display surface.



The main speaker of the phone is very loud – its audible at a great distance, the sound of the moderately rich, the bass lacks just a little bit. Possibilities it is enough for music and movies, and YouTube videos, no discomfort when his work is not felt.

Earpiece volume is sufficient – it is not quiet but in a very noisy place it will have to wring the maximum. The sound quality, crackles and hiss missing.

Microphone in BQ Intense just one, so that the noise reduction system here. It is recessed into the body, has a basic wind protection, good sound transmission – the interlocutor has not complained neither the volume nor the presence of extraneous rattles and other noise.

The word sound Intense BQ no problem, in this respect, it is consistent with its value. The vibration motor is average, configure it via the standard menu is impossible.


Protection of information

In the smartphone in addition to the fingerprint scanner on the rear panel implemented face recognition system. Based on front camera without flash, it is, nevertheless, very quickly identificeret user even in the twilight. Unblocking happens in one to three seconds, depending on the intensity of the external lighting.

By cons Face ID consider the need to manually remove the lock screen in the settings there is no corresponding item.

Touch ID does not lag behind the Face ID for speed of operation, but the lock screen itself turns off, which is good news. Out of 10 positives, it correctly recognizes the fingerprint 8 times, adding a second scan of the same finger raises that number to 10. On a wet and even slightly moist fingers sensor, as expected, does not respond.


The camera

BQ Intense – this is not a cameraphone, which can be seen even by the number of integral matrices. On the other hand, he has a very different positioning in the market, so his cameras we to find fault will not.

The main module takes in the resolution of 8 MP, he’s good in the daytime, in the dusk begins to “make noise”. Flash, by the way, very bright, save only partially, so that at night high quality pictures should not count. Day shoots pretty good, detail and sharpness enough, given the price of the smartphone.

The front camera takes surprisingly well in twilight, though his flashes she had not, but the resolution is only 5 Megapixels. Twilight selfie get quite digestible quality matters to them is not.

Switching between cameras is almost instantaneous. Interface to interact with them is simplified to the maximum, it’s very comfortable, except for the button change camera – why it made as much in the upper-right corner, though you need to place it near the shutter button.



BQ Intense runs on Android 9 Pie without any additional settings. Tuning opportunities shell no, in our version of firmware you couldn’t even swap the control keys, although other smartphones BQ is provided. Apparently, this function will return one of the following updates.

After the first boot smartphone running slowly – probably sets something in the background. In a few moments he “releases” in the future, he is already slow. By default, there is a lot of advertising the app, which loaded the system and hang in the background, consuming bandwidth. 90% are removed by regular ways, the remaining 10% can be turned off and forgotten forever. After that, the smartphone starts to run even faster.

Subject to all third party applications and the operating system in the smartphone was occupied 5.4 GB of internal memory. Remove non-standard software allows you to free up about 500 MB of disk space.

The NFC feature in this smartphone works exclusively with the payment system Google Pay. In Russia it is supported, but not found everywhere.



The smartphone was tested in the benchmark AnTuTu and 3DMark with package Ice Storm the last time the article versions. In AnTuTu it showed 50504 points in 3DMark – 3476 points, and given the fact that the cell phone is not a game and is not marketed as such.

During testing, the smartphone is practically not heated, despite used in the chip production of MediaTek.


Work offline

Battery – the main feature of the smartphone, which is revealed in it by 95%. The missing 5% is not the fastest, taking into account the capacity of the battery, charging. 10-watt complete charging memory 8000 mAh battery in about 5.5 hours, so it is best to put this smartphone to charge at night. In the process of leaving, but quite a bit – overheating threatens him sure.

Now about the autonomy. On the average brightness of BQ Intense lasted 15 hours watching YouTube over Wi-Fi 5 GHz. Talking emptied the battery for 25 hours (GSM network, 2G, the most economical). Standby mode did not check, because if the phone was just left to lie, the day he is discharged by 1-3%. Here also count, how it will be enough (spoiler alert – very long time).

In normal use, including with mobile Internet on 3G and LTE, BQ Intense discharged us after only a little more than five work days. Of course, you can achieve more impressive results.

In the end, BQ Intense – this is the smartphone that is definitely not discharged in the most inopportune moment. Its target audience – the people who spends a lot of time travelling or away from civilization, and those who don’t need top-end flagship, and you need a mobile phone that can be recharged for days and sometimes for weeks.


Pros BQ Intense

– huge battery;

film on the screen;

– NFC;

– dual-band Wi-Fi;

– removable battery;

– durable materials;

– Face ID;

– the current firmware version.

Cons BQ Intense

– microUSB instead of USB-C;

– not the fastest charging;

– no hot swap SIM-cards and microSD.

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