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BQ Intense: smartphone, which is damn hard to defuse

Modern smartphones plus or minus similar in appearance, and the filling is not much difference, if to consider devices of the same class and same price range. How then to stand out of a particular model? Of course, almost currently the main parameter battery life, and here is the new smartphone BQ Intense will give a light all its closest competitors.

In BQ Intense everything is tuned for maximum autonomy and its applications to default low, and iron is not energy intensive, and, most importantly, the battery just giant size, coupled with excellent capacity. And with all this smartphone manages to stay compact and even relatively subtle. How does he do that? We’ll see: BQ Intense today in our test.



BQ Intense fully Packed by standard brands, including the box itself, which is here double and painted in the traditional colors of the brand. Top cover greets us with a photo of the gadget, though not in exactly our colors (available in three colour schemes), as well as a direct reference to the main feature of the device – the battery is unimaginable for this price segment 6000 mAh.

Below we are again waiting for the renders of the smartphone, the list of characteristics, list of accessories included and a small list of the main advantages. The packaging is done perfectly – it is beautiful, durable, quality materials, and it contains a lot of useful information.



Equipped with Intense BQ standard 2018: nothing superfluous, only the necessary accessories. Thus, in the box there is no headphone Jack, but there is a protective film applied on the screen already at the factory.

In addition, in the box with the smartphone data cable, charging on 2 amperes, as well as waste paper in the form of very detailed operating instructions and warranty card. Nothing else in the package, alas, is not included.



The manufacturer has listed all the information about the specs of the BQ Intense on its official website, in the instructions and on the box. The information content of the sources is about the same.

– screen: 5 inch, IPS, 1280×720 pixels;

– processor: MediaTek MT6737, 4 cores;

– video card: built in, Mali T720;

– memory: 2 GB RAM, 16 GB internal, microSD up to 32GB;

interfaces: microUSB 2.0, 2xSIM, microSD, 3.5 mm;

– wireless connectivity: GSM, 3G, LTE, Wi-Fi 802.11 n, Bluetooth 4.1, GPS, GLONASS;

– firmware: Google Android 7 Nougat, interface, Material UI;

– camera: primary 8+2 MP, front 5 MP;

– battery: non-removable 6000 mAh;

– housing material: plastic, metal;

– case color: Golden, black, dark grey;

– dimensions: 73х145х12 millimeters;

– weight: 210 grams;

features: fingerprint scanner, operation of external battery.

Here we should pay attention to the materials and features and, of course, on the capacity of the battery. If the battery and its parameters have no complaints, then the metal in the design of the smartphone will be difficult to find. But more about that in the next paragraph.



BQ has the most Intense classic, simple design, tested and proven, no-nonsense. It plays into his hands because the minimalism coupled with the interesting design of the rear panel forced each time to admire him – everything was done really nice and even stylish.

The back panel is stylized under metal, and even the texture of unpolished aluminium saved (it is even pleasant to the touch) but in reality it is completely made of plastic, though quite dense. The metal is present only in the form of the border of the fingerprint scanner, and anywhere else it is not.

The controls in Intense BQ located on a standard scheme: on the front panel there are three touch buttons increased in size under the display, and right at the end of the placed volume keys and inclusion. Above the screen are earpiece, front camera without flash and the sensors detect both light and proximity. There is also a led for notifications about calls and messages.

Below are two stylish bars – one for microphone and the second speaker as inputs microUSB and 3.5 mm placed on the upper end. See rear dual camera with flash light, based on one led and a fingerprint scanner. Under the hood there is a large non-removable battery and three separate slots – one for microSD and two SIM.

Us for a test sent the smartphone in dark grey body colour, and it is the most winning of the three: depending on the lighting it changes color, plus texture brushed aluminum looks best in that color. In black it will not be visible, and hackneyed gold color is unlikely to combine with it.



BQ Intense – it is quite heavy smartphone that just cuts off potential buyers with weak handles. The weight of the smartphone feels nice, it seems sturdy and solid, unlike most modern weightless phones.

In hand BQ Intense to keep quite comfortable, and the textured back allows for better grip. One-hand operation due to the relatively small dimensions it is possible without great effort.

Touch buttons under the screen reason much increased in size, as it was fashionable five years ago, but they are, and this in itself can not but rejoice. However, they were deprived of the illumination and in the dark they will have to look to the touch.

The location of the microUSB entrance of wrong – place exclusively on the bottom face, as is done in the more expensive smartphones, including those from the BQ. But the main speaker is in his place – on the bottom where it will not be easy to close palm.

The battery cover is removed easily in just a few seconds, but at the same time, it sits firmly on its seat. Recommend using any plastic card not to risk the nails. The fingerprint scanner is located conveniently – for him do not have to go, and he quickly located by touch.



Display BQ Intense frankly pleased: very bright colors, almost completely absent inversion of dark shades (only under extreme viewing angles), plus a glass 2,5 D visually reduces its side of the frame. Illumination enough to read even in bright sunlight.

Touch-screen layer is performed very efficiently: works on the whole plane, even at the corners that is not always the case for devices with rounded edges of the glass. Simultaneously handled two touches, and it may not be enough for some gestures. However, by not many people, and to increase or decrease the scale of the text or images of the two touches is more than enough.



Voice speaker for smartphone BQ Intense can be described as very loud: the interlocutor is clearly audible at almost any level of external noise. The quality of the good speaker – the sound it transmits without the crackles and other distortions.

The main speaker sounds very loud by default, but it can be solved easy tuning in the engineering menu. The sound can be described as juicy: even the lower classes are sometimes clearly audible, but crackle at high frequencies, however, does not.

The microphone of the smartphone is configured well enough, plus in itself it is located in a small cavity, and the shape of the grille creates a sort of wind protection. As a result, the interviewee is unlikely to experience difficulties with the perception of your voice. Vibration power in the average smartphone.


The camera

BQ Intense has three built-in cameras: front and 5 main 8+2 MP. Frontalka works faster than the primary, without delays processing all the movements of the smartphone in space and shoots relatively well, even in early dusk. In low light the picture quality drops sharply, and the front flash in this model. Selfie with artificial bright light to work good as on smartphones a bit more high priced.

Main camera works with a small delay in movement, but very high quality images eliminates this disadvantage. Takes a smartphone equally well in both day and in dim light, although in the latter case, the artifacts still appear, albeit in small quantities. Additional 2-megapixel camera allows for shooting portraits with background blur, but the algorithms do their job only in bright light – otherwise the smartphone will focus on anything but the subject.

About flash to say absolutely nothing: here she cope only with the role of the flashlight, and the brightness is insufficient due to the presence of just one led.


Fingerprint scanner

Dactyloscopy in BQ Intense has a standard round shape and accustomed location in the upper part of the back panel. Its accuracy we evaluated 4 points out of a possible 5, because of the 10 control unlocks it worked correctly only 8 times. If the option to scan the same finger twice, the recognition accuracy increases to 100%. The average speed of the unlock screen is activated about one second after the sensor response. At the touch of a wet finger scanner does not respond.



On BQ Intense running Android 7 Nougat with traditional Google Material UI. The firmware is not overloaded BY trash: nonstandard apps here 8, 5 of them are removed once or twice, and two (both from Yandex) you can disable from the settings menu. The remaining ninth application is a program Press Apps, which infests desktops advertising shortcuts to apps from Google Play and constantly spamming notifications. It cannot be disabled, you can only close it access to the notification and removal will have to put root.

Apart from the unwanted apps in the IOS BQ Intense, there are plenty of very useful additions: for example, the gestures – you can turn the phone screen-down to mute in the player or the ringing tone can activate the screen by double-tapping, and it is only a small part of the possibilities. After the first start in the smartphone freely 1,1 2 GB of RAM and 10.3 of the 16 GB of permanent memory.

The possibility of wireless updates, but during the test updates the firmware did not arrive. Note also the lack of IOS malware: check fresh antivirus from Dr. Web did not reveal this kind of software.



The smartphone is a very worthy showed itself in the benchmark AnTuTu and GeekBench – results made up 32906, 534 and 1525 points, respectively. For a smartphone in this price range the result is at least good. However 3D Mark gaming benchmark on this machine refused to work, constantly hanging in the process and strongly heating the processor. In AnTuTu and GeekBench smartphone is practically not heated.

Based on this we draw a conclusion about the unsuitability of BQ to serious Intense video games with fancy 3D graphics, but simple game, he will pull with no problems. The smartphone can store up to three power hungry applications if there will be more, it will automatically unload them. The brakes and lags in the device was observed.


Work offline

Battery is the main competitive advantage of the considered smartphone. Full charge 6000 mAh in normal use, we had almost three days, after first removing all extraneous applications from the underlying list. More intensive mode of operation will put a smartphone in 2 days, and it’s more than a decent result. If you just say Intense at the BQ, it will last at least 14 hours in GSM networks and view videos on YouTube via Wi-Fi will drain it in 8 hours.

For charging from a supplied AC charger with a current of 2 amperes out a lot of time – about 4.5 hours. Fast charging in this model is not implemented.



Smartphone BQ Intense definitely stands out among the total mass budget of the spacecraft. Yeah, he doesn’t have a metal body, but to the beauty and style of its design there are no claims. Yes, it is quite heavy, but he is just a giant battery of 6000 mAh, which the manufacturer managed to fit in a relatively slim body. The phone has developed a highly positive impression, and criticism only caused some flaws ergonomics. But here we must consider the low cost of the device – 7500 rubles at the time of this writing. Against this background, all the flaws BQ Intense become less relevant and at the forefront of his dignity, of which, we note, a lot.


Pros BQ Intense

– very good battery life;

– optimized firmware;

– operation of external battery;

– separate SIM card and microSD slots.


Cons BQ Intense

– no backlight on the touch buttons;

– the microUSB on the top end;

– weak built-in flash.

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