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BQ Bond: secure a budget smartphone

reliability. The famous Finnish phone could crack nuts that the author of these lines at the time regularly did, but the current “IPhone” and “Samsung” with this treatment will end after the first hazelnuts. But even now there are models in emergency housing, or at least with high strength glass coated display that is allegedly able to withstand even blows on a wall or concrete floor. Today it is just about this smartphone – BQ Bond.

Smartphone BQ Bond went on sale in Russia at the end of 2016. Its average value at the time of writing is 6,000 rubles, and its main competitive advantage is strengthened glass on the front panel and the metal frame of the case, adding him strength and reliability. Today we will test this one and find out the limits of his strength, to understand whether he is able to compete with Nokia 3310.



Packing BQ Bond looks exactly the same as the box 90% of modern smartphones from this manufacturer. It is a small size cardboard box is red, with a very informative cover. It is literally all the required information about the cell phone.

For example, on the top of the BQ Bond depicted on a photo from all angles and in all available body colours, and there is also a mention of the built-in fingerprint scanner. The bottom of the phone depicted in the color assigned to the selected instance (in our case it is dark gray with black face plate), plus there is information about the contents of the box and the specs of the gadget.

In General, the quality of the box material on the Quartet: very good, but not absolute, transportation, possible minor deformation with preservation of the cell intact.



BQ Bond – this is a budget smartphone and package it the same, unfortunately. To give it its full, as it does not include a wired headset, although almost all devices with identical price tag of this accessory includes. Probably, the manufacturer decided to save on the consumer.

Total in the box with BQ Bond has data cable, charger, 1 amp, user manual and warranty card. In principle, it can be noted, the protective film is already pasted on the screen, but its presence us very confused, because here the glass is positioned to be reinforced. Why would he film? So there is either logic or the truth, in fact glass is the most common. Looking ahead, we note that it is very unusual, and its reliability has been repeatedly confirmed.



Learn about the possibilities of the smartphone can be on the Internet – information is in “Yandex.Market” and on the official website of the manufacturer. Here are the complete lists of characteristics, but secondary data is not particularly interested, you can learn the basic specs on one of the pages of instructions, plus they written right on the box.

– screen: 5 inch, HD, IPS panel;

– processor: MediaTek MT6580A, 4 core, 1.3 GHz;

– work in networks: GSM, 3G;

– memory: 1 GB RAM, 8 GB of RAM, microSD up to 128 GB;

– operating system: Android 6 Marshmallow, regular interface;

camera: main 8 MP, front 5 MP;

– interfaces: 3.5 mm, microSD, microUSB 2.0, 2xSIM;

– connectivity: GPS, Wi-Fi 802.11 n, Bluetooth 4.0;

– battery type: lithium-polymer, 2300 mAh;

– housing: plastic, metal frame;

– colors: black, white, gold, black and grey;

– dimensions: 141х71х10 millimeters;

– the weight of 181 grams;

– features: protective glass Military Bullet Proof, fingerprint scanner.


This list is too obvious, which helped to keep the cost of the smartphone at a certain level if he has dactyloscopy and armored glass: the device has only 1 GB of RAM and does not support cellular networks of the fourth generation. But it has a modern OS, and the choice of body colors is wide enough.



BQ Bond executed in the classic smartphone form factor is a touchscreen candybar without a hardware keyboard. In our case, completely glossy front panel painted in black, back cover is grey with a light blue at certain angles of view. The back panel is too glossy, but if the front can be called moderately soiled, then it collects every single fingerprint and a minute later usage is not very presentable. Case in the box, of course, is not included.

Designers BQ Bond to his credit, with a very low price, the smartphone looks very beautiful in any of the four shades of the body, although it is in the gray and black version of the most well-discernible pattern on the rear panel. He’s a pseudo-three-dimensional and looks very stylish. The side frame has a metal shade and unpolished rough surface and smooth mirror edge, which also tends to get dirty from touching.

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On the front panel, in addition to the screen, at the top are the camera, earpiece and sensors approximation and lighting. Below the display are the traditional touch-control buttons, a hardware volume keys and inclusion moved to the right side. Button volume has increased dimensions. The top face contains an entry under the headphones down is given a microphone and charging interface, and the back has the camera, flash, dactyloscopy and the slot dynamics in addition to the manufacturer’s logo and model name.

Under the back cover hides the battery, speaker, as well as three separate card slot and two microSIM and one microSD. Hot swap is not provided in principle for installation of any of the three cards you will be required to remove the battery.



Smartphone BQ Bond relatively compact by today’s standards, but weighty, which allows him to confidently lie in the hand, but the gloss on the rear panel facilitates routine slipping – apparently him and gave glass reinforced. Without the cover wear it would be very dangerous, and even the forces of friction unpolished faces can sometimes not be enough to prevent the fall under the force of gravity.

In General the monoblock assembled very well, do not loose and does not creak, only the buttons on the observed, though not critical backlash. Rear panel, despite its design, is the weak point of the BQ Bond. In more detail we will discuss this in the section “Crash test”, and here I will note only that it is kept in its place very firmly, and do not try to remove it without the resources available will remain without nails.



The display in BQ Bond is an honest IPS panel, which has such advantages as wide viewing angles and very good color rendition. All this fully applies to the smartphone, and the advantages also include a very good brightness – it is quite enough for comfortable work with the smartphone in sunlight and direct rays hit.

With viewing angles the procedure is complete – the fading is not happening, whichever way you look. The sensor layer responds to the touch without delay and that surprised us, handles 5 simultaneous touches, and it is very unusual for a smartphone costing less than $ 100.



The smartphone was extremely loud, despite the unfortunate location of the speaker – he always closed with his hand. The sound is rich and full-bodied, and exactly the same applies to the earpiece.

In this respect to the BQ Bond we have nothing to complain about, even the microphone was good. Vibration motor power is above average. Lacks only a wired headset is at minimum cost of this accessory lack of it in the complete seen as the desire of the manufacturer to save on the consumer. Not a very pleasant feeling.


Software and fingerprint scanner

As in BQ Bond uses the Android operating system 6.0 completely with the standard interface, Material UI. No extra AT no cost: the six-party apps, and five of them you will not be able to remove without rooting, the activation of which leads to loss of warranty. These tools always hanging in memory, and the two of them and clutter up Desk blank labels that can be seen in the screenshot.

Firmware integrated support for gestural control of working tolerably well and confidently. The same can be said about the fingerprint scanner – if properly scan a finger when configuring dactyloscopy (and for this you just need to follow the instructions) then it will fire each time you touch. With his help, by the way, you can control the shutters of both cameras, which is very convenient.

RAM BQ Bond is not enough, and after downloading the smartphone user has access to only half of its volume. With the standard drive system is to be friends doesn’t, by showing that it employs a total of 150 MB of 8 GB, when in fact the user can use only 3 GB, so a microSD card will have to purchase in any case.



BQ Bond was tested in two synthetic benchmarks – AnTuTu and Quadrant Standard from Google Play most recent at the time of writing versions. Best of all revealed cores of CPU and RAM, and the drive integrated into the CPU, the graphics card was quite slow.

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In AnTuTu the smartphone is considered earned 24222 points, while Quadrant gave him a score of 5583. In principle, apparatus for the entry-level is a very good performance – perhaps its competitors can do better.


Work offline

Tested candybar with a very economical iron and drain the battery rapidly it is simply nothing. Official data on the autonomy of the BQ Bond is not presented, so we will just present the results we obtained.

In talk mode, the smartphone lasted 10 hours; video playback with microSD cleared it in 5 hours. Further, web surfing and social networking will put the battery for 4 hours, and video games will do the same for 3.5 hours. Navigator mode will completely run out of energy a little more than 2 hours. During standard use, in our case, BQ Bond is discharged a little less than a day. The screen brightness was set to 50%, plus has been activated, all wireless modules.


Crash test

Since BQ Bond is positioned as a smartphone with a reinforced protective glass, we could not test it on the subject of survivability. Of course, device cost 6000 rubles wonders in terms of resistance to careless handling nobody expects, especially in the presence of protective film on the screen, but still.

Indeed, the protective film pasted on top of the reinforced glass, in itself is nonsense, so it was with particular cruelty, with the help of a hobby knife filmed, and we walked through the glass by the edge. The result is zero damage. The next stage – a three-hour walk in the cold with your phone in your pocket, adjacent to a bunch of keys. And again nothing, not a single scratch. Mobile jokes and advertising hasn’t lost its marketability. The need to protect the back panel is not mentioned anywhere, so it was prudently removed from the phone.

Then – the tougher test of resistance to falls. Here, too, everything more or less normal. At first, we chose a light-version of the crash test – dropped my phone several times from the Desk on the linoleum. Agree, this happens with mobile phones regularly. BQ Bond fell squarely and flat on the screen, but it is completely kept working. The same test with the fall on the laminate flooring also went without dire consequences, but there is a small chip on the main camera. In the photo it doesn’t show on the camera, it does not interfere. In certain reasons to drop the phone on asphalt, we did not – have confidence that such a treatment of glass will not stand. And another very important point: as a result of any reinforced drops, the smartphone can fail even while maintaining the integrity of its reinforced glass – beats may stop working the display, or the internal electronics can easily be ordered to live long.

But in General, BQ Bond showed itself very well, proving that the stronger the majority of smartphones on the Russian market. But all this does not apply to back panels: it is made of a fantastically thin plastic and breaks easily even when you try to get to the SIM card and battery. In their places of attachment she sits very tightly, so do not try to remove it using nail – it will hurt, proven. But even if you remove it carefully, using a plastic card or guitar pick, there is a risk to damage her using a usual Bank plastic, we immediately broke off the two clips.



BQ Bond was very balanced smartphone – in the presence of certain shortcomings he immediately negates their significantly large number of advantages. According to the manufacturer strengthened glass is really present – the device survives in such circumstances, where any smartphone for the same money for a long time would fail or at least would lose marketability.

At the moment BQ Bond is one of the few smartphones in the price range “under $100” with high strength glass and metal at the same time frame. Their money is definitely worth it, of course, if you don’t need a high-speed mobile Internet, since the LTE module in this apparatus is not provided. Consider all the advantages and disadvantages of the BQ Bond in the form of brief abstracts.


Pros BQ Bond

– strengthened glass on the screen;

– low price;

– the fingerprint scanner;

– bright colors of the housing;

– good sound;

– high-quality screen.


Cons BQ Bond

a stranger in the kit;

– sparse equipment;

– the absence of a headset;

– lack of support for 4G.

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