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“Boyish” is a horror novel by Dan Simmons will be filmed

After the phenomenal box office success of “It is” not surprising that Hollywood studios looked for other books relating to the so-called “boyish horrors”, in other words, on novels “growing up” in the horror genre. In the end, this topic was not written by Steven king.

For example, Dan Simmons, a novel “Summer nights” (Summer of Night), tells about the small town of elm haven in which students faced with an ancient evil predivnim. The book was nominated for a Stoker and British fantasy award, and also received the Locus award for best horror novel. In Russian was published twice, in 2007 and 2009. Publishing abstract reads as follows:

In the small American town of elm haven in the walls of the school mysteriously disappears boy. With students who are engaged in its searches, events begin to occur truly terrible. Some of the children pursues the truck with the clear intention to deprive the kid of life. Others die close, and the area of the city appears half-palusami dressed in ancient soldier’s uniform. Soon in the library of a neighboring city found the document about installing the old school bell, which belonged, according to tradition, the family of Borgia, and brought back one of the local millionaires. The terrible events of the present in some way closely associated with this historical fact. The question: how? And would the little characters to avoid the blows of fate, before to answer it? Dan Simmons in modern literature, the cult figure. Tetralogy about the Shrike, a mysterious guardian of the time tombs, has made a real sensation in the fantasy genre, and presented the author with millions of fans all over the world.

The film rights were acquired by Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions. The script was written by Ben Poole, producers are , Ehren Kruger and Daniel Bobker, and will be directed by a young (31) Mexican Isaac Ezban.

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