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Box office USA (8 – 10 December 2017): Gala Sanchez

In the absence of any major premieres in the US box office is calm. The three leaders remained unchanged: “Coco”, “justice League”, “Wonder”.

Note that the local success of the film “Mountain-Lord” – James Franco (Director and actor) climbed to fourth place, having so far only 840 screens, as if to prove that he is not only in revealing stuff, but also in the author’s films on the trash (“Woe to the Creator” tells the story of the creation of one of the worst movies in history).

Just added to the number of screens “Form of water”that had an effect on fees – those have grown, but so far they are still too small to fight for a place in the top 10.

Data for the previous week-end, see here.

No.The filmFees ($million)JustWeekCopiesBudget
1The Mystery Of Coco18,30135,5033748??
2Justice League9,59212,0643508300
3MiracleOf 8.45100,304351920
4Woe to the Creator6,438,032840??
5Thor: Ragnarok6,29301,1563047180
6Hi, dad, New year 26,0091,155326369
7Murder on the Orient Express5,1092,705320155
8Guiding star3,6732,274297620
9Lady bird3,5422,3361557??
10It’s only the beginning3,183,181215122
…11Three of a Billboard on the border of Ebbing, Missouri2,8618,3151620??
…13Form water1,101,33241??
…20Saw 80,1637,85725710
…32Happy day of the dead0,03255,679884,8

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