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Box office USA (3 – 5 August 2018): MEG starts better than any expectations

The most optimistic forecasts gave the blockbuster “Meg: Monster of the deep” at the start of the rental in the US 20-25 million. During the weekend, these forecasts were corrected in a big way: after the first sessions on Friday, analysts expect the total fees for the weekend at around 35 million, on Saturday talking about the fact that the movie may collect $ 40 million. But in the end fees amounted to almost 45 “millions”!

And this, incidentally, is the best start for movies from Warner Bros. in the current year. Very much Meg spared, and scores of other movies about sharks for the start of the rental. For example, “Deep blue sea” at the time I started with a $ 19 million cash, a “Shallow” 2016, the year has collected about 17 million.

What is the secret of success “Meg”? Perhaps it was the fact that it is just a very good entertaining movie… about a prehistoric shark.

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Another question: a Lot or a little gathered Meg in comparison with a rather big budget picture? Everything is not so simple. Officially the production of the film cost a solid $ 130 million. While about 60% of this amount was the investment by Chinese partners Warner Bros.. worldwide blockbuster has already collected about 142 million, so that to recoup the cost with interest – bound.

There are, however, about the fact that the ACTUAL budget was much higher – 178 million, plus another 110 “millions” on advertising. The online Deadline says that pokupaemosti Meg need to collect 400 million worldwide. Succeed or not “Meg” to do it – wait and see.

Another iconic release last weekend – “the Slenderman” from Sony, which personally, I’m slowly starting to hate for what they are doing with cult franchisee and images, caught them in his paws. “Dark tower” remember? A reboot of “Ghostbusters”? It’s all Sony. It is not surprising that from the “Slenderman” I do special is not expected. And, in fact, nothing special and not received.

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Bosses responsible for genre films unit Sony – Screen Gems studios – insisted on changes in the script. Not for the benefit of the project went and the scandal related to accusations that this movie is “popularitywith tragedy” (see here). Was also a conflict with the producers, which resulted in the film even wanted to sell Netflix or Amazon, but failed.

In the end, “Slender man” gathered at the start of the rental more than 11 million dollars – quite a decent sum considering the modest budget in 10 “bills”. However, it is only official figures. Non-officially, however, the budget was about 30 million, and then payback can be problems, especially given the extremely negative reviews from critics and audiences.

Data for the previous week-end, see here.

No.The filmFees ($million)JustWeekCopiesBudget
1Meg: Monster depth44,5044,5014118130
2Mission: impossible-the Consequences20,00161,9633888178
3Christopher Robin12,43Repossessed a 50.012360270
4SlendermenTo 11.32To 11.321235810
5Black all kinds of things over10,7910,791151215
6The spy who conned me6,60Of 24.562311140
7Mamma mia! 2Of 5.82103,834281275
8The great equalizer 2

9Monsters on vacation 35,11146,885258980
10Ant-man and WaspOf 4.04203,5161863??
…13Dark reflection2,1010,942312734
…23The purge. Beginning0,2868,46629313
…33Reincarnation0,041Of 43.981054??
…34Unfriended: the Dark net0,0348,774571

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