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Box office USA (22 – 24 December 2017): JUMANJI: a JUNGLE in second place

The festive atmosphere contributes little to the appearance of the rental really scary movie, so the audience has to settle for something more major mainstream. So, last weekend released film “Jumanji: a jungle” – another attempt by Sony to play on the field once popular and cult films.

Previously Sony great strides in this direction were made: “Ghostbusters” audience didn’t like “the Flatliners” with a crash has failed in hire, well, the new “blade Runner” – really good movie – with good criticism could not justify a solid budget.

The fate of the “jungle”, based, of course, for a successful family adventure the horror from the 1990s, is not yet clear, but we can talk about what a big hit this movie will not. At the start of the rental, the film has collected 34 million dollars and was unable to move with the first line of top “Star wars: the Last Jedi”. The budget of the film is decent 90 “millions”, that is, to get profit we need to gather around the world at least 200-250 million – and not the fact that “Jumanji” that will be done.

Data for the previous week-end, see here.

No.The filmFees ($million)JustWeekCopiesBudget
1Star wars: the Last Jedi68,48365,0824232??
2Jumanji: the jungle34,0034,001376590
3Perfect voice 320,4520,451344745
4The greatest showman8,6013,191300684
5FerdinandOf 7.0526,5323630111
6The Mystery Of Coco5,20161,3252111??
7In short4,604,6012668??
8Dark times4,106,955806??
9Who’s our dad, dude?3,203,2012902??
10Form water3,05Of 7.614726??
…20Three of a Billboard on the border of Ebbing, Missouri0,4922,717307??

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