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Box office USA (21 – 23 April 2017): Obsession did not happen

And “the Forgotten Phoenix” (although in General the name should be translated as “the Forgotten Phoenix”) and is not ranked in the top 10 overseas hire. But about all under the order.

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So the top three in the US box office has not changed: the first place retained the “fast and furious 8”, although fees blockbuster has fallen dramatically compared to the debut weekend. In the second place the cartoon “the Boss is a sucker”, completing the top three “beauty and the beast”</strong>.

Most important, perhaps, surprise is the fourth place documentaries about rare animals “Born in China”. The fifth place was in the Comedy “beautifully to Leave”that in quietly, but goes to the fact to recoup a budget of $ 25 million.

From genre innovations all mediocre. The Thriller “Obsession” has collected in the opening less than 5 million, even with the biggest budget (12 “millions”) is not enough. Faund footage (Yes, they are still removed) “the Forgotten Phoenix” – the eleventh. However, the situation here is better than “Obsession”: $ 2 million box office quite normal start for a movie with a budget less than 3 million.

In a tight (just over 100 rooms) the car started action with elements of black Comedy from Ben Wheatley’s “a Gunfight” – in the debut picture from British Director managed to raise over a million dollars, which, in General, not bad for such a modest painting (imagine the movie with one hundred screens would gather 50-70 million rubles – nonsense!).

Data for the previous week-end, see here.

No.The filmFees ($million)JustWeekCopiesBudget
1Fast and furious 838,68163,5724329250
2The boss is a sucker12,75136,9943697??
3Beauty and the beastOf 9.97471,0963315160
4Born in China5,145,1421508??
5Nice to get away5,0031,763303825
6The Smurfs: the Lost village4,8533,383273760
8Gifted4,50To 10.7131986??
10The lost city of Z2,142,292614??
…11Forgotten PhoenixOf 2.00Of 2.00115922,8
17 …Shootout1,031,031107??
…20My girlfriend is a monster0,581,353224??
22 …Alive0,47Of 29.34573058
26 …Split0,12137,97141199
…39Experiment Belko0,0329,647475
…46Personal buyer0,0171,22733??

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