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Box office USA (1 – 3 Dec 2017): No significant changes

In overseas rental major premieres in the past weekend took place, so changes in the top ten was minimal, and the top three (“the Mystery of Coco”, “justice League”, “Wonder”) remained unchanged.

To note is that the new picture of Guillermo Del Toro, “water” came out on two screens, which managed to collect as much as one hundred sixty thousand dollars – by the time to copy this brand the best indicator of the week. Presumably, in the coming weeks, “the shape of water” will be more copies, however, will have to grow and fees.

Data for the previous week-end, see here.

No.The filmFees ($million)JustWeekCopiesBudget
1The Mystery Of Coco26,11108,6823987??
2Justice League16,58197,3333820300
3Miracle12,50Of 88.033344920
4Thor: Ragnarok9,65291,4053148180
5Hi, dad, New year 27,5082,814340369
6Murder on the Orient ExpressOf 6.7084,774320155
7Lady bird4,54Of 17.0851194??
8Three of a Billboard on the border of Ebbing, MissouriA 4.5313,6741430??
9Guiding starOf 4.00To 27.273282220
10Very bad mommy 23,4864.83 for5225128
…16Saw 80,2237,60630110
17 …Form water0,160,1612??
19 …My friend Dahmer0,140,93590??
…31The killing of the sacred deer0,0402,19741??
…32Happy day of the dead0,04055,6281004,8

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