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Box office of China (30 November – 3 December 2017): the Successes and failures of Russian cinema

How much grossed new Russian epic “the Legend of Kolowrat”? Pretty well collected!

In the asset of the movie more than 280 million rubles, the budget of about 350 million, in General, gives good chances to return – a lot here will depend on the dynamics of falling fees in the future. And yet – yet “Kolovrat” became the leader of the domestic rental.

And the success of Russian films over the past weekend end.

About the catastrophic failure of the new home of mystic horror “Envelope” we have already written. Well, it’s now official, again, at the start of the rental “Envelope” ranked only 13th place with fees of less than 5 million rubles. Uh-Oh.

Worse – but not to say that it was a surprise – made Thriller “Maximum impact”. 24 (!) top and charges less than a million. How so?.. Well, if over and over again to feed the viewer with shit, then sooner or later the audience is you finally turn back. It seems this should be clear to everyone, but Alexander Nevsky again and again produces their projects. The budget for “blow” was declared in the area of $ 10 million, but if this movie is comparable with the “Showdown in Manila”, the previous film the Nevsky, we don’t know what the money went.

How did other new hire? Different. “Alien” Jackie Chan took the fourth place of top with charges of more than 57 million rubles, “Atlantis” eleventh place charges approximately 13 million. Finally, the Comedy of terrors “Natural vampires” were content with a place in the end of the thirties, but it was shown in a few number of screens.

The results of the previous weekend, click here.

No.The filmCharges (million RUB)JustWeekCopies
1The legend of Kolowrat280,04280,0411483
2The Mystery Of Coco145,59362,0521298
3The flatliners57,18202,422829
5Hi, dad, New year! 2Of 45.61153,4021104
6Murder on the Orient ExpressIs 40.87883,624490
8Justice League31,22622,2231020
9The last Bogatyr23,091707,157440
10Thor: Ragnarok16,491375,155477
…13The envelope4,944,941633
…23SuburbiconOf 1.09Of 25.92351
24 …Maximum impact0,910,911267
…30Thelma0,46Of 2.08242
…33Jeepers Creepers 30,2235,45355
…39Natural ghouls0,100,10128
…55House of ghosts0,033Of 6.1373
…59Dinner0,027Of 2.0945
…51mom!0,026Of 146.56121
…64Saw 80,023293,8662
…70The abode of the shadows0,0135,6339
…81Spell. Our days0,004For 47.6181

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