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Bowie didn’t know what would be the kettle. Facts about “twin Peaks”

Recently David Lynch gave a short interview to Pitchfork, which opened a few curious facts about the third season of “twin Peaks”:

☕ David Bowie didn’t know that in the new season, his character will appear before the audience in the way of the kettle. Moreover, it became clear that this is not a kettle at all, but just a machine with a spout, like a teapot.

☕ The creators of the series had permission to use the footage with David Bowie from the movie “twin Peaks: Through the fire”, but Bowie was opposed to these scenes, sounded his voice. According to Lynch, David experienced because of his “Louisiana accent”, so in the new season, missing agent Philip Jeffries speaks with voice actor Nathan Frizel.

☕ From the beginning of the work on the return of “twin peaks” Lynch is wanted in the series used the song: The PlattersMy Prayer, The Paris SistersI Love How You Love Me, Booker T. & the M. G.’sGreen Onions and Otis ReddingI’ve Been Loving You Too Long.

☕ During the atomic blast in the eighth episode of the third season sound composition of the Polish musician Krzysztof Penderecki under the title “Lament for the victims of Hiroshima”. Due to television restrictions related to volume, the music in this scene had to do quieter than she was supposed to be originally.

☕ David Lynch is listed in the credits for “twin Peaks: the Return” as a sound designer, but directly with the creation of sounds did the composer Dean Hurley and sound designer Ron In. Lynch also oversaw their work and made a final decision about which sounds will be in the series.

☕ At the end of the interview, David shared his recent discovery — a guy named Justin Johnsonwho plays the shovel with three strings.

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