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Bortech and Tsyganov played in the Thriller “Conductor”: the first footage

This picture tells the story about a girl named Kate who has mystical gift – she can see ghosts. When one disappears, twin sister of the main heroine, she alone goes in search of her, because the police don’t believe the girl. According to law enforcement officials, sister Kate – a figment of her imagination. The result of its investigation, the girl comes to the conclusion that the city wielding serial killer, and his sister Katie became one of his victims. Hope for salvation is missing, but in the gloomy town you can’t trust anyone, not even myself.

Bortech and Tsyganov played in the Thriller “Conductor”: the first footage

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In Moscow completed the shooting of the mystical Thriller “the Conductor” directed by Ilya Maksimov. The main roles in the film went to Alexander Bortech and Yevgeny Tsyganov.

Photos from the set of the film “the Conductor”
Director Ilya Maksimov admitted that the Thriller “the Conductor” – the project is complex:we slozhnopostanovochnaya film. Mystique in film flights in dreams and in reality, scary house, the mystery – all this is not easy to create. Shooting was difficult. We very carefully approached the choice of nature – decided to withdraw in prefabricated houses and cellars, and chose the old manor house, traveled far from Moscow, in order to remove the forest and fairy of the field, so that nature was nature… Filmed in the library. Lenin. There’s crazy energy – so many decades people go there, read, conjure books. Before filming I have looked at a lot of thrillers, Shyamalan just reviewed and realized that the fairy always has an explanation in an ordinary world.”

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In addition to Bortech and Tsyganov in the film appear: Vladimir Aglic, Alexander Robak, Vasily Bochkarev, Catherine Rokotova, Vyacheslav Razbegaev, Konstantin Murzenko and other. Release is scheduled for autumn 2017.

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