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Boris Johnson invited the British to wait for death

Great motivasi from the Prime Minister. Don’t you think?)

Борис Джонсон предложил британцам ждать смертей

After that lightning, he was accused of destruction of the nation, because, as it seems to be local, does nothing to rescue its citizens.

The other day Johnson just told the people that they will lose their loved ones, and coronavirus destroys part of the families of great Britain, but no attempt to rectify the situation he does.

“It will spread further. I have to be honest with you, honest with the British public – many families, many families lose their loved ones before their time”.

At the same time added that he would not take any drastic measures to counteract it. The approach of the British authorities to be scientific. If they seem scared something will take. Meanwhile, Johnson advises to wash hands and to refrain from walking and visiting places of a mass congestion of people.
Ex-health Secretary Jeremy hunt believes that the UK authorities are urging people just to wait for the deaths of their loved ones, to put it mildly, not doing enough to confront the disease. Hunt believes that measures must be more stringent. Otherwise, after 4 weeks, the UK will face the same problems as Italy, where the number of deaths from the coronavirus in the hundreds. Now in effect, the destruction of the nation with the connivance. Under gursoy 66 million people.

The borders of the country does not close, the visa issue continues. What is there in the mind of Johnson – a riddle…

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