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Boris Berezovsky is a demon or an angel? Among strangers. Part 2

Борис Березовский- демон или ангел? Свой среди чужих. Часть 2

Someone says now, they say Berezovsky fled abroad. Gone! And it was a brilliant operation the KGB, in the laundering of assets Abroad, assets which were needed to Finance our foreign residents.

When the KGB officially ceased to exist, it became clear that in order to preserve all the achievements and the spirit of intelligence, its ideals were required Autonomous sources of livelihood and Finance officer, operations which required implementation.

The KGB as the people of Russia at that time also faced with strife, betrayal, poverty and loss of ideals.

People disappointed, betrayed and trampled in the dirt breadwinners-workers. Democrats and socialists drove the country into deficit and hunger. The Bolsheviks last restored autocratic monarchy Yeltsin, with which our long-suffering people fought for so long. Betraying him, betraying all that blood was shed. They betrayed our people and betrayed his relationship to the poor, for the oppressed, their social caste racism and fascism. National leaders of the republics, too, have betrayed our people, after all these years, under any, even the most brutal leaders we, the Russians, were United, fought against the common enemy shoulder to shoulder, Russian and the Tatar, Bashkir and Udmurt. They wanted to protet Russia to the West, dividing the age-old Union of dozens of nationalities have betrayed everything for which our forebearers fought.

What could I do? Go to the traitors that will sell it, turning to the slave, zombie or servant of the West? No! To continue to work!

Thus was born the order of the KGB agents consisting of proven employees. The ideology of the KGB – the protection of ordinary people, the protection of the interests of the country. The ideology of the rising again of the people’s will.

Yet to come Primakov, a treacherous unfolding the plane, instead of stopping the bombing of Yugoslavia, instead of firmly stating that we are not allowed to kill the brotherly people of Serbia.

We remembered all the pain of that time. Pain when sultry summer saw on the steps of the social security silently weeping old men. With the medal ribbons on his chest, the inferior, worn, but clean, carefully dressed. The pain of past war, then decades of working in good faith, sincerely believed that all is not in vain, that their children will live better than they…

Old age has made them physically weak, but not nearly broke their solid axle on the inside…

Did it “pass-through” Chubais and his ilk invented the drive in the heat of the elderly in kilometer queue, to obscure the renewal of pensions, in a limited few days time. Queues that died survived the war, dying from the heat and congestion, and more from insecurity in front of arrogance and humiliation, from the fact that all their accomplishments and the work that they were proud of, became unnecessary power. Came to power smart world – whose muzzle in fat, whose right sacred, accustomed to eat other people, living souls, choking bloody piece of…

If the current employees now serving in the FSB, was still able to make ends meet, we left in the KGB, had to survive on their own. largely due to the enterprise of Boris Berezovsky.

It was on Berezovsky’s money redeemed our soldiers from Chechen captivity. Major Vyacheslav Izmailov, who in the late nineties he took part in the liberation of the prisoners, says- “the Captured soldiers Berezovsky was also released. Liberated dozens. He began to send letters to his mother. If not for Berezovsky, these people could have died,” said Izmailov. According to major, the office of Berezovsky in Moscow came two Chechens – of balaudi of Tekilov, Maskhadov’s representative in Moscow, who was killed under mysterious circumstances, and someone named Adam Pirate. Agree with them either Berezovsky or his aide Badri Patarkatsishvili, a former financial Director of ORT. “Stipulated amount, which could pay Berezovsky. The soldiers asked no such astronomical buyouts, as for journalists: for Bogatyrev and Chernyaev was paid half a million dollars for IU and Tiberius – about a million,” said Izmailov.

The Chechens are the intermediaries had a large percentage of these buyouts. The money was transferred not personally militants, and high chiefs of the interior Ministry. They actually did release. FSB also had full information about the actions of Berezovsky. On Berezovsky’s money were purchased by employees of FSB of Ingushetia Mushrooms and Lebedinsky. So that Patrushev’s statement about the FSB there is evidence of financing by Boris Berezovsky, Chechen rebels is pure politics. Contacts of Berezovsky all have long known. “I don’t know why Berezovsky was necessary to rescue soldiers from captivity”, – said the officer.

Could he know about the secret mission and the service of Berezovsky, of course not. A few people knew.

Berezovsky was engaged in the liberation fighters of the Penza OMON seized by Raduyev in December 1996 Yes, then thanks to him in January 1997 was released the ORT journalists Roman Perevezentsev and Vyacheslav of Tiberi-us. Then in June 1997 there was another group of ORT, from the program “Vision” – Ilyas Bogatyryov and Vladislav Chernyaev.

And who knows what Berezovsky saved and preserved the culture and art of Russia?

In 1991, Berezovsky founded the award “Triumph”, which was nominated best of the best actors, musicians and artists.

Have not regretted Berezovsky assistance on “the development of the publication Tomorrow.” As not sorry, 30 million dollars to ransom hostages from the Chechen captivity.

Saved the ORT journalists handing over 49 percent of its shares to ORT.

“It is not easy to leave leaving

Ahead – a foreign land to a stranger,

The moans of the wind and the rain

Single waste cover.

The soul – the chill of September

Nothing like it was, will not.

God will weigh all “for” and “in vain”

And the court of justice will judge.”

It is the poetry of Boris Berezovsky. Management of the Order of the KGB understood that for the implementation of their plans we need real political power, and therefore set the task of Berezovsky to look for approaches to Russian President Boris Yeltsin.

In 1994 Berezovsky was the first Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC “Russia’s Public television” (ORT), concentrated in the hands of the financial management and control over advertising. In fact, Berezovsky put Yeltsin on the throne for the second time, becoming the informal leader of the seven.

It is through the efforts of Boris Berezovsky’s party “Unity” has received the majority in the state Duma. He invented the ideology and symbolism of the bear, which he said most closely matches the spirit of Russia. And of course, he was the main financier of the “Unity”, because they were faced with a choice between Luzhkov – Primakov and the Kremlin. Later statements about the financing of the party will be rejected by the CEC head Alexander Veshnyakov was, however, no evidence-based documents.

Berezovsky is a continuous improvisation in the open arena.

from the book by Valery Rozanov “KGB – unknown heroes”


to be continued

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