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“Boom” cryptocurrency has helped the manufacturers of graphics cards to earn a huge amount

"Бум" криптовалют помог изготовителям видеокарт заработать огромную суммуA new trend used to increase the demand on the graphics card.

The boom of cryptocurrencies, which continues past the six months, actively promotes the sales of graphics cards and other devices required for mining. In particular, Nvidia and AMD have shown a growth stock by 14% in just the last two months. The interest from investors due to growing sales.

Bloomberg cites the example of the AMD. The graphics card company popular among the miners of the cryptocurrency Ethereum, which for the last 6 months has increased in price several times. AMD itself in this well earned in the second quarter, additional profits were about $875 million, and this figure is still not final. For comparison, the same amount the company earned for all of last year.

However, analysts advise investors to be cautious. First, no one knows how long the “gold rush”: as soon as the video card will not need miners, the company’s sales go down. Second, in recent years, the cost of Ethereum is falling, and hence, the interest of the miners in the acquisition of new devices may be reduced very soon. Thirdly, there is a chance that soon enough the ether miners will switch to ASICS, which are used for mining bitcoin. “It’s only a matter of time until someone will not do,” writes Bloomberg.

In most AMD gave is not too large review:

“Our main focus still gamers”.

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