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Book cover for “strange cases” – first look

In June of the memory found out that soon “Very strange things” is one of the hottest TV series from Netflix – it can be read. But we never thought so soon.

Resource EW has shared the official cover of the first book on the universe of the show. Roman gwendy the bond has been called “Suspect” (“Suspicious Minds”) is a prequel that tells about the captivity of a girl with psychic powers named eleven in the secret lab and the student superpowers. Also in the story there was a place for mothers of eleven and for the “MKUltra program”, which was touched upon in the series only in passing.

The release of the “Suspects” in the original is scheduled for February 5, 2019, and now the site of EW you can read the prologue of the book. Of course, if you know English. Let’s hope that domestic publishers will pay attention to the novel – in our region the fans of “strange Affairs” also abound.

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