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Bonnie Aarons will return to the role of the demonic nuns

News from the category of expected, but pleasant. In the film Corina hardy Nun (The Nun) from the second “Curse” will move not only blasphemous demon, but also the actress who plays his role. Bonnie Aarons again will help to recreate a favorite with many creep-image.

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Aarons is an actress with an unusual appearance. Unordinary. It really is something demonic, sinister. And let she has enough comedies and melodramas, fans of the horror she is also known. For example, Aarons played by David Lynch in “Mulholland drive” and Sam Raimi “Drag me to Hell”. At the same time in her filmography you can find a lot of questionable genre projects like the conditional crossover of two known maniacs “Dahmer vs. Gacy”. Collaboration with James WAN, who builds his own kynoselen about supernatural entities is a very useful line in the CV. And the experience is excellent.

Earlier it became known that the main role in the film received taissa Farmiga (she will play a young nun) and Damian Bichir, whose character, father Burke, will arrive in Rome to investigate the strange death of swedenlithuania. Other plot details yet, but the script responsible for Harry Doberman (“the Curse Annabel”) and the Maestro van, so you can be calm.

The shooting of “Nuns” will be launched in Romania in may. The premiere is scheduled for horrory day: Friday the 13th. Or rather: on July 13, 2018.

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