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Bondarchuk became the voice of the service “Yandex. Navigator”. Video

16 Dec popular navigation service “Yandex. Navigator” speaks the voice of the film “Gravity” by Fyodor Bondarchuk. He sounded about 190 words and phrases, but in the final version 120, from which the Navigator is automatically tips. The route starts with the phrase: “hi, I’m Fyodor Bondarchuk, Director of your routes and the new film “Gravity””. The secret picture of Bondarchuk will be released on 26 January 2017.

Bondarchuk became the voice of the service “Yandex. Navigator”. Video

Fyodor Bondarchuk announced some phrases in his recognizable directorial style. For example, you can hear him say: “You left the route, it’s not in the script, or in Front of the camera, Carefully you shoot close up.” A new version of espeak is already available in “Yandex.Navigator” on the Android platform and will soon appear in the iOS app. The voice of Director can only be chosen if the sound settings installed Russian language. Go with Bondarchuk, unfortunately, you will only have a limited time — it will “accompany” drivers until the end of the film in Russia. Also move on tips Fedora users will be able in Belarus and Kazakhstan.

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Foreigners are amazed by the new trailer of “Gravity” of a novel

“Attraction”. Fyodor Bondarchuk voiced “Yandex.Navigator”
Tom Archer, Manager of monetization of geo-services “Yandex”, said:This project was for team geo-services “Yandex” first experience in integration of voice “Navigator” in the framework of the promo campaign partner. The selected pilot format, and we do not offer it to all advertisers. Choosing a speaker, we first focused on the interests of the users who were waiting for a new and familiar voice. As well as voice Vasily Utkin, which was dedicated to the Olympic games, the voice of Fyodor Bondarchuk is associated with a great event— the upcoming premiere of the domestic sci-Fi blockbuster that, in our view, it is important for the Russian cinema. In addition, we believe that if aliens from the movie “Yandex.Navigator”, they would not have had to make a detour of a few parsecs and fly to the Ground, — would have saved fuel and time.”
“Attraction”. Fragment from the film
By the way, the blockbuster “Gravity” seems to have become the record for the number of interesting promotions to mark the release of the film: for example, Bondarchuk personally took part in the flashmob, The Mannequin Challeng directly during the presentation of the project, and in the course of the festival “Circle of light” at the light installations alien ship “rammed” the main building of the Soviet era.

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“Attraction” Video, The Mannequin Challenge

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