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Bon appetit: the Dutch have released a vodka with the taste of tobacco

Приятного аппетита: голландцы выпустили водку со вкусом табакаAnother experiment in the alcohol industry.

Weird combinations of products in our time is no surprise. Sometimes manufacturers combine seems to be incompatible. However, the Dutch manufacturer of alcohol, probably still has a chance to occupy a separate niche in the market for flavored vodkas.

The company Ivanabitch from the Netherlands has created a vodka with taste of tobacco and menthol. While this is a limited edition of two products. Vodka with aromas of tobacco Tobacco Vodka and vodka with the flavor of tobacco and menthol Tobacco Menthol Vodka. Alcohol by volume: 35%.

“Traditional tobacco vodka has a tart smoky aroma of vanilla with hints of sweet caramel and menthol vodka resembles a cigarette with a hint of mint”, — told in the company.

Foodies who have already tasted the unusual alcohol, after drinking this vodka leaves a pleasant aftertaste, like you just smoked a cigarette. The company focused primarily on smokers of consumers, because they will be able to appreciate the drink.

Note that Dutch company produces not only Ivanabitch vodka, but brandy, gin and even perfume. CEO Tony Elvord said that the new tobacco vodka should attract the attention of the 45 million Americans who smoke. The company is working on it.

Ivanabitch also assume that vodka will find a buyer among non-smokers. As for the cost, a bottle of 750 ml will be sold at a price of 13 dollars (about 350 UAH). The novelty will appear on sale this autumn.

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