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Boeing tests showed a flying car

Boeing показала испытания летающего автомобиляAir transport of new generation.

Of course, a car this device can be called only very conditionally, and the company itself calls it “passenger air transport”.

One of the largest aircraft manufacturers showed a successful test of its first air taxi in the video.

On such devices today heard everywhere. Uber promises to show his flying taxi in 2020, the main competitor Boeing, the Airbus is also not far behind in this matter. But the Russians are doing with the air taxi did not go too well.

First test of air transport from Boeing showed good results. The prototype urban air taxi (Passenger Air Vehicle, PAV) shows the actual look of the aircraft and its capabilities.

A video of the test was published in the official Twitter of the company. The engineers reported that the aircraft, as was intended, took to the air, hovered for a few minutes and landed. The demonstration was successful.

“For years, we have gone from conceptual design to a flying prototype,” said technical Director Boeing Greg Hislop. And it’s really impressive.

Next will be the test phase of transition from vertical takeoff to horizontal flight regime. Boeing notes that this phase is one of the most challenging engineering problems.

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