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Body horror, of which you have not seen

Nipple sisters talk about how they see the remake of an early David Cronenberg film called “Rabid” (Rabid).

The development of the painting is carried out with the support of the Canadian state, because Cronenberg is for them a national treasure. Probably the sisters chose among the other contenders for the Director’s post because they are not only known in the circles of horror fans, but also intimately familiar with by David. At the moment over the shoulders of sisters an impressive list of works of varying degrees of edibility, including such things as “American Mary” and “see No evil 2”.

It seems that the remake of “Crazy” girls lightly. They talked about this back in April of this year, admitting that I’m dying to return to body horror, and now sharing the details of his vision of the films.

Jen’s Nipple:

We nurtured “Mad” about one and a half years. When the funding goes through government, not through the Studio, must go through many stages, and people need time to signing all the papers. I’m very happy for “Mad” because it is not only the continuation of “American Mary”, but deep research the work of David Cronenberg. I just want to impress him. If someone will like, I’ll be happy, but what I really want is him to like.

Sylvia Nipple:

It is important to stay super-respectful, because there is a prejudice against remakes. But what David did with “the Fly” was perfect, and he met his current wife on “Mad”, and we’ve been friends with [their son] Brandon. I feel like a mother protecting “Mad”, I try to stay calm and super Zen, but sometimes I hear something and think, “David would never do that!”.

Jen Chimes In:

Everything we say in such moments: “This is not Cronenberg!”.

Sylvia continues:

I learned that it was originally going to put the tentacle between his legs, rose, and that was my first suggestion. It was rejected, but I thought, “I think, like David, that’s good, right?”.

Oh, sorry, that will not tentacle in the crotch! In the original recall, a kind of blood-sucking sting was hiding in the armpit of the protagonist. In moments of hunger rose was losing control of himself, attacking people and infecting them with rabies. Here’s a vampire zombie Apocalypse with venereal and Freudian overtones.

Meanwhile, Sylvia says about the participation of major studios special effects MFX in the creation of the remake:

MastersFX is already in the business, and we develop some really cool stuff. We are unable to use a vagina, but we found another place to put it [the sting], and I think we can make people stop playing from fear.

Jen’s picks:

We want to make a body horror all at once: “What the helljust happened?”, and to earlier you haven’t seen it yet. This, of course, the problem for us, because we saw a lot of weird Japanese movies that usually go unnoticed by the General public. But we have a “Rabid” would be a lot of surprises, and I think people will be impressed.

Well, struggling to hope that the sisters right Nipple. I’m a fan of body horror, the subgenre is developing very poorly. And “Mad” seems to me a really good core for processing. You see, when you take the perfect “Something” and make of it something, it looks weird. But when it comes to the film young and inexperienced, but talented Director, very interesting, but frankly the raw material — then why not? Again, this story just needed a female opinion. In short, lights, camera… Action!

Sisters Nipple promise that the production of new “Reservoir” will begin in the near future, and currently casting and preparing to shoot.

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