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Body horror in Russian- listen to audio project NEW FLESH

In 2016, the horror-fan, journalist, musician and writer Ilya Pivovarov in their group Vkontakte, has posted a unique audio project “New flesh” – voiced by Ilya horror stories on the theme of “body horror” from nine Patriotic modern horror authors, including, of course, his own.

Here is how he described his creation:

Here is a first collection of stories in the genre of body horror. Until recently, the “body horror” was presented only in the movies (“the thing” carpenter, “Society” Usni, early Cronenberg movies). And later appeared in the anthology “The Mammoth Book of Body Horror” edited by Paul Kane and Marie O’regan. And finally – a project in which participated the authors, known for the anthologies “The worst Book”, “13 killers”, etc. Parade of mutations, deformities and painful transformation is waiting for you. Long live the “NEW FLESH”!

The problem is that all the stories were only available for listening in the social network Vkontakte. But we, with the approval of Pivovarova, the situation was corrected. Now all the stories of the “New flesh” is on YouTube-channel Zone Horror, and so now they can listen almost anywhere.

The project includes texts by familiar authors, such as, for example, Vladimir Kuznetsov and Alexey Provotorov, who we interviewed. And Mikhail Pavlov and is included in the editor Zone of Horrors.

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