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“Bobby died. Genetics in Russia is necessary to nobody!”

«Бобик сдох. Генетика в России никому не нужна!»

Do not entertain illusions that Russia “will be able to repeat” its past scientific achievements

Former certified geneticist and now a famous social activist Pyotr Shkumatov wrote another important post in FB. This time on the role of science in our country:

“I read the article Pavel Bykov on the development of biotechnology in the world. As an example, Paul writes about technology for genome editing CRISPR, and suggests that an urgent need to develop the genetics in the country otherwise ay-ay-ay, a loss of sovereignty, etc. Can be read here.

Here in front of you Shkumatov – the real geneticist. I even have an article at the time of the scientific left. Not in the bad log. Not the worst theme. Could quickly PhD to do.


And that’s all. For $ 200 a month I’m not ready to move the science forward. And this while someone has a yacht grows by a few meters per year. Let’s face it – in Russia genetics don’t need no-one. Those remnants of science, which is now, have no what can not, so you can just let them die in peace. Young guys are almost all gone. If in our course we go nuts from the fact that half (50%) left, now the norm is 80%, the outflow of the best young brains.

But even if they remain, remember that biotech is very expensive. Look in the directory Sigma the same. You just ohreneete prices! And it’s only consumables! I’m not talking about equipment that costs just a space! At whose expense Banquet? The state owes nothing to anybody, we are already well learned. And just equip the lab in nisoprostol version costs ONE MILLION EUROS! And that’s without consumables! Just equipment! And if to do on normal, then you for 5 million euros easily. And that’s just to start, then you will spend huge money on the consumables, and without them all this splendor would just stand there! But even if you have the money on the consumables, then you will wait for them for a few months here, while in the U.S. you will deliver the day to day. And time is a very important factor in scientific research. But it so, lyrical digression. Just so you understand, all, Bobby died. No need to kick his corpse.

Of course, I don’t regret that I made that choice. That’s life. But guys don’t have illusions that “we can repeat” in terms of scientific advances, especially in genetics.

No, it can’t…”


The author was accepted by all his readers:

Genetics, biotechnology is the cutting edge of science. And any of the tip has something attached, and for these Sciences need a huge base. Offhand it’s chemistry, IT, electronics, etc. you can’t just declare a set of faculty “steep biotechnologists”, to call back even imported the teacher and the scientists. That is, they are only on the second day after receiving a cool diploma will go to where their education is not needed for reporting. And Yes, for some reason, genes with yachts and estates are not edited in any way…

– In the “cold war” we finally won the country lured (“sucked”) brains. And no revival of science under the current government will not. Will only be covered by the promotion of another cut.

– Peter, the state has not asked you to study up on genetics! The state should not geneticists big salaries and even more laboratories with consumables. Is should their parents! The state, remember, you only need a staff of regardie, prosecutors and builders of megalomanical on сто500квартир in the entrance.


– As my friend said, 15 years living in the States here who graduated from MSU and NES, and then there is Columbia, whose wife is in science too (social economy and that sort of thing): only the States are spending money on something that very few people understand and it is unclear what will come of this, and in Russia, in his (!) claim science is not needed.

Not only genetics. Unfortunately, Russian science two ways: either to the West or to cut the Nira (NIR – a contract to conduct scientific-research work, – approx.ed). Considering that the sawmill of the ner young scientists just shake off the crumbs, the path remains the same. Somehow live science about oil and gas, but there duralast managerov requiring “the result in time” also pushes the science to the corner backs.

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