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BMW will not make a competitor to the Mercedes-Benz X-Class

BMW не будет делать конкурента Mercedes-Benz X-ClassPlatform BMW is not suitable to create a complete model.

Head of development BMW Klaus Frolich spoke negatively about the appearance in the line of the Bavarian brand pickup. In his opinion, the segment of premium trucks not large enough and profitable in order now to pay attention to him.

In an interview with CarAdvice Frolich said that this truck needed a ladder type frame and chassis with a monocoque body will always be some compromise. Those two platforms, that is from BMW, not suitable for the creation of a full model.

“I don’t see the potential in a pickup truck with a monocoque body, says Frolic – even If Mercedes-Benz worldwide sells thousands of four X-Class per month, on such machines will not be in demand. There are no prerequisites to the fact that our proposal in the end will be better.”

Last year, Vice President of BMW’s Hendrik von Kuenheim responsible for the Asian region and the market in South Africa, suggested that the truck may appear in the line BMW. This model will be focused on the Australian market, “to go like a typical BMW and match the philosophy of the brand”.

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