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BMW topped the rating of the unreliability

BMW возглавил рейтинг ненадежности

Experts of the British division of J. D. Power analyzed the number of issues that have 100 of the vehicles in each of the popular brands

The race for the introduction of new technologies is becoming a headache for car owners, since the market accounts for half of the 10 most serious complaints. Often malfunction of this nature is overtaken by the cars of premium brands, where there is advanced media. Also the owners of premium cars suffer from advanced security systems that could throw up problems.

On average, 100 cars 2015-2018 release now accounts for 119 damage. If we compare the results of the past year, the cars became a little more reliable.

As for specific brands, then the absolute champion in terms of reliability recognized by the French Peugeot — 77 failures per hundred vehicles PP100. Followed by Skoda (88) Hyundai (90), Nissan (94), Suzuki (94) and Vauxhall (95). Completing the top ten Kia (101) Mini (103), Ford (104) and Volvo (106). Actually, that Volvo was the most reliable among premium brands, ahead of brand Mercedes-Benz (136), which ranked second.

The five worst shaped BMW (181), Fiat (173), Audi (167), Jaguar (159) and Land Rover (142). The same Mercedes-Benz, who became the second among the “premium” in absolute ranking only twentieth, and from the end of the list to sixth. And this data it is possible to trust — the study involved almost 12 thousands of motorists. Moreover, separately, the British J. D. Power has named the strongest model categories.



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