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BMW taught the bike to ride without a driver

BMW научила мотоцикл ездить без водителя These motorcycles are much safer than usual.

BMW motorcycle with the unmanned system control is fully Autonomous and does not need the rider. He starts moving and he gets on the bandwagon stopping.

The first unmanned BMW motorcycle based on the model R1200GS is 100-strong big curandero a mass of 225 kg.

Division BMW Motorrad took about its first unmanned motorcycle video, which demonstrates not only his ability to ride independently and learn about the features of the two-wheeled drone and how work was carried out.

The developers are confident that being equipped with such systems, the bikes will be far safer not only for beginners but also for experienced riders.

In the sale shown in the video unmanned BMW R1200GS is not received. As such, the drone is not planned. The company intends to use some aspects of technology, which will be a support rider, but does not replace it. The drone was created as an experiment.

It is assumed that the new technology integrated into the BMW motorcycles, will monitor the stability of two-wheeled machinery. The electronic system will help to build the safe path detour obstacles, and gyroscopes will improve the stability of the motorcycle in extreme situations.

The BMW Motorrad division is a pioneer in the field of creating a full-fledged drone of motorcycles. Earlier, in 2017, Honda introduced a similar motorcycle with the Riding technology Honda Assist. But this is not a complete drone. All he could balance on the seat and at low speeds, and also to follow the owner, turning the steering wheel.

Two years before that, in 2015, Yamaha has created a robot that was programmed to control a sports bike YZF-R1M at speeds up to 200 km/h. In fact it was a robot that had taken the place of rider, but not a drone.

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